Althea Heart Benzino feud
Benzino's fiancée Althea Heart slammed him on social media claiming he doesn't spend enough time with their newborn son. Pictured: Benzino and Althea at the Season 4 premiere of "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars" on Nov. 19, 2015 in Los Angeles. Getty Images

Benzino and his fiancée Althea Heart are in the middle of a nasty argument on Instagram. The former "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" stars, who welcomed a son in November, have been bickering on the social networking site about how involved Benzino is in baby Zino Jr.'s life.

On Friday, Benzino shared a sweet photo of his baby boy sleeping on his chest, writing in the caption: “I love him so much it’s ridiculous, his is [sic] my rainbow after the storm, he makes my heart smile and soul fulfilled, he’s so calm and loving smh it’s crazy how a baby can move you so much."

Althea was clearly annoyed with Benzino's Instagram post and left a comment slamming him for not spending a lot of time with her or the baby.

“Shut the f--- up! I’m so sick of you posting pictures of Zino like you be here with us," she wrote. "You create problems when your around. Period! And over it… Using the baby.”

Benzino responded by posting another photo of his son and apologizing to Althea for any pain he's caused her.

“I don’t post pics of Zino or me with Zino to act like I’m this perfect dad. I know she primarily takes care of him and when I can help I do so willingly, I am a provider and giver tho, I post pics of him cause I am so proud of what me, her and God had created," he captioned the picture. "When my other kids came and lived with me or visited I posted pics of them all the time also … I love sharing them to the world because I am proud to let everyone know I’m their dad … Social media should never be used to promote hate and slander, that the devils work.”

According to Rolling Out, this isn’t the first time Althea has lashed out at Benzino on social media. The outlet reports that Althea went on a Twitter rant in December accusing the producer of being verbally abusive.

“The gold digger h-- stops now you knew about everything BEFORE but wants to verbally abuse me,” she wrote according Rolling Out. “Got my mind all over the place. It stops now. [Two] years I can count on one hand the good times we had and they were on [TV]. Yes our time is up!”

Benzino and Althea's relationship troubles are currently playing out on WE tv's Season 4 of "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars," which airs Friday nights.