“Married at First Sight” Season 9 is winding down, but it isn’t clear which couples will survive. The four sets of newlyweds each take a close look at their relationship ahead of decision day, when they have to decide if they stay together or get divorced. However, a cheating accusation might sway one wife’s decision on the Lifetime reality show.

Greg and Deonna

Greg Okotie and Deonna McNeill have finally had sex, but they aren’t quite sure if they’re right for each other. Greg still worries that Deonna hasn’t opened up enough yet. During a game of pool, Greg asks his wife if she loves him and she responds that she honestly doesn’t know.

They leave to spend the night apart before decision day. Deonna says she’ll miss him during their night apart, which seemingly hints at her decision.

Keith and Iris

Keith Manley talks to his mom about Iris Caldwell’s maturity level. He feels like even though she isn’t sexually experienced, she should be able to talk about certain things without getting bashful. However, she was there for him in the wake of his grandmother’s death and she has proven that she can be his support system.

Iris, meanwhile, knows she wants to stay married. She tells her family that she thinks they’ll stay together.

On a date night, Keith tells Iris that he considers her virginity “an obstacle” going into decision day. However, he thinks they’ve become more comfortable with each other.

Matt and Amber

Matt Gwynne tells a friend that he’s pretty happy with the relationship generally, but he feels Amber Bowles had some issues “on her end” understanding Matt’s social schedule. He goes out without his wife (and sometimes without his wedding ring) and stays out all night. He calls Amber “annoying” when she worries about where he is and assumes the worst. He tells the cameras that she’s “clingy.” He doesn’t know if he wants to stay married or get divorced.

When they go on a date night, Matt affirms his commitment to Amber. She feels like he’s saying all the right things, but she doesn’t know if she believes him.

She goes to her friend Raven on the night before decision day. He reveals that he saw Matt at a bar with another girl. “They were definitely focused on each other and it didn’t look good,” he said. He confirmed that they left together.

Amber doesn’t want to believe he’s cheating on her, but it starts to sink in. She starts crying and wonders what he has really been up to during all his nights out.

MAFS Amber Matt
Matt and Amber have some serious trouble before decision day on "Married at First Sight" Season 9. Lifetime

Jamie and Beth

Beth Bice tells Jamie Thompson that she appreciates him and loves that he can challenge her and put her in her place. Jamie is happy with Beth too, but Jamie and Beth both admit that they don’t want to slide back into their old habits.

Jamie doesn’t feel like they adhere to the boundaries that they set, but Beth isn’t so sure. Meanwhile, Beth says she hopes they can be on the same page when they start having sex again. The problem is that Jamie really doesn’t think his wife is a “sexual being,” which is certainly not how she sees herself.

Jamie feels like Beth is all talk. He thinks she needs validation and to hear that she’s sexy, but she doesn’t necessarily need that much sex.

When they sleep in different beds for the last time before decision day, they both know they have a lot to think about.

“Married at First Sight” Season 9 airs Wednesdays on Lifetime.