“Married at First Sight” involves a lot of life changes for our favorite couples. They go from single to married right away and have to include another person in nearly every aspect of their lives. However, that isn’t exactly obvious or easy for some cast members in Season 10, episode 9.

In an International Business Times exclusive clip (seen above), Michael Watson makes a big decision without wife Meka Jones.

“So there’s gonna be a little bit of a change with my schedule. So I decided to actually not go with the principal job at the Catholic school. I thought it was just following my best interests to move on from that position,” Michael reveals. Turning down a lucrative job offer seems like something he should've at least mentioned to his wife before it happened.

“I’m pretty career oriented, so I was super excited when Michael told me that he was accepting a new job as a principal,” Meka told the cameras. She thought it would provide “stability” for them.

Michael explains that he turned down the job a couple hours ago. However, he has accepted a different position as a director elsewhere. He explains that he was taking time to figure out what was best for him after the job changed a lot of requirements with hours and pay. Meka doesn’t exactly believe that.

Meka knows that Michael had an offer letter and signed contract for the principal position. Michael says that because they’re a private school, they can change their terms more easily than a public school, but Meka isn’t sure she believes him, even when he says that the financial aspect isn’t very different.

“How can I build a life with somebody if I don’t know what they’re being truthful about and what they’re lying about? Michael has lied so much about so many different things,” Meka says.

“Married at First Sight” goes over a bunch of moments where Michael wasn’t exactly truthful, and it seem like he might have a pattern here.

“It’s like, how can I trust somebody like that? If you really cared about me and you really wanted this marriage to work, then you wouldn’t keep lying,” Meka tells the cameras. “I don’t understand what’s so hard about telling the truth.”

See what happens when “Married at First Sight” Season 10, episode 9 airs Wednesday on Lifetime.

MAFS Meka and Mike
Meka and Michael are on "Married at First Sight" Season 10. Lifetime