“Married at First Sight” couples move fast, and that’s especially true in Season 9. One couple even revealed that they’re already saying “I love you” before the honeymoon is over. Check out what happened in episode 5 of the Lifetime reality show:

Greg and Deonna

This “Married at First Sight” couple discusses religion, and faith is important to both of them. They want to make sure they practice Christianity together. They have very similar values, which is part of why they were matched.

Also matching are their teal swimsuits when they go into the water. These two have not had sex yet. Greg says this is actually the closest Deonna has gotten to being naked around him, so he’s pretty happy.

The honeymoon is almost over, and they have to think about where they want to live. They’re both homeowners, but Deonna is very willing to move. She hopes they can make Greg’s house feel like their home together. She has never lived with a significant other, but Greg lived with his ex-fiancée.

Deonna wants more info on the ex. Greg says it was a toxic relationship with a lot of insecurity and control issues. Deonna reminds herself that everyone has a past, but she is concerned. He has been single for two years, but Greg says he has grown a lot since then. He feels like that relationship had to happen in order for him to get here.

MAFS Deonna Greg Greg and Deonna learned more about each other in "Married at First Sight" Season 9, episode 5. Photo: Lifetime

Jamie and Beth

These two had sex, and Jamie has declared that he is in love with her.

Things are going well, so Beth doesn’t tell anyone about her and Jamie’s fight. She tells the cameras that she wants to keep it private and doesn’t want the other women to gossip about her.

Later, Beth says she doesn’t want to go on a catamaran trip with the other couples. Jamie says she is in “diva mode,” which really sucks the fun out everything. The trip there is pretty OK, and they have a relaxing day on the beach. She’s glad Jamie pushed her to go on the trip.

Beth is very seasick on the way back, though. She swears at Jamie, but he makes jokes like, “Can we annul our marriage if you’re dead?” When they pull in at the dock, Beth decides to peace out, and Jamie doesn’t appreciate the way she snaps at him.

The next day, everything is fine. Beth is in a better mood and acknowledges that she was mean, and Jamie understands that she needed to cool down and feel better.

Keith and Iris

They have a playful time on the catamaran trip to the deserted island until Keith loses his ring. All the couples help them dig through the sand until Keith finds his wedding band, much to their relief.

Later, Iris is a little concerned about moving in together because she has never lived with a guy before. However, fans will have to wait until next week to see how she handles the big move.

Matthew and Amber

Amber likes her husband, but she still needs time to grow to trust him.

Matthew hopes that his business in Charlotte takes off, but he isn’t officially retired from basketball. He might have to take a contract to play overseas at some point. He tells the guys that before he tells his wife.

On the catamaran trip, Amber gets seriously nauseous, but she thinks the trip to the island is worth it. She is having a great time with her new husband.

They have a romantic dinner and discuss life after the honeymoon. Matt is worried Amber will get tired of him, but she doesn’t think that will happen. Then, he brings up the possibility that he could go overseas to play basketball. She says she doesn’t see how their marriage would work if he left for seven to 10 months.

She tells the cameras that this would be a deal breaker. It triggers a lot of feelings about her mother leaving as a child. She says she’d rather support him while he builds his business than have him leave. Matthew doesn’t seem to eliminate going overseas as an option though.

Off camera, Matt tells Amber that she “humiliated” him by offering to support him while his business gets off the ground. Amber says she was just trying to be a supportive partner.

The way Matt tells it, he doesn’t know what he said to upset Amber, who is crying. They have a talk, and Amber says she didn’t want to make him angry with the financial offer. Matt assures her he wasn’t angry, he just didn’t want it to seem like he was asking for a handout. Amber assures him that she just wants to support him in every way possible.

As they leave their honeymoon, Amber and Matt are nervous about moving in together, but they’re also excited.

“Married at First Sight” airs Wednesdays on Lifetime.