The “Married at First Sight” honeymoons continued in Season 9, episode 4. Each of the couples got closer, but only one had sex on the Lifetime reality show.

Amber and Matt

These two are the first to consummate their marriage. Amber and Jamie are both very happy that they had sex, so their honeymoon is off to a good start.

The couples all meet up on the honeymoon to play volleyball. Afterward, the wives have a little girl time while the husbands do some bonding. Amber surprises the other women by being the first of them to have sex with her husband. Matt admits to the other men that being married at first sight is stressful, even though he feels at ease with Amber.

Later, Amber and Matt decide to tour Antigua. They use the camera that Amber gave Matt on their wedding day and seem to have a great time.

Amber tells the cameras that they’re completely comfortable with each other. They’re not at all awkward, and so far, marriage is easy. She just hopes it stays that way.

Elizabeth and Jamie

The last episode ended with Elizabeth making it clear that she hoped to have sex with her husband. However, her period started that night and stopped her from wanting to consummate her marriage right away. Still, they’re having a good time.

During girl talk with the other wives, Elizabeth says that she and Jamie want to get matching tattoos. They want to ink each other’s lip prints on their butts.

After having the separate girls and guys chats, Elizabeth heads back to the hotel room and waits for Jamie because she figures they’ll go to lunch together. After two hours, her husband was still MIA so she went to lunch by herself. When she returns, she’s irritated that Jamie doesn’t seem to think he did anything wrong.

She doesn’t understand why he didn’t go looking for her after his time with the guys or why he’d eat on his own. Jamie says that all the other wives went straight to lunch with their husbands, and Elizabeth had gone back to the hotel room. He thought that meant she had other plans.

They quickly realize that they both thought they were abandoned, and they’d hurt each other’s feelings. They apologize to each other, and they assure each other that their relationship is the priority.

When these two have a romantic dinner alone, they start talking about life at home. They both feel good about moving in together.

Then, Elizabeth brings up kids. Jamie says he’s leaning towards not having kids and Elizabeth agrees. They both actually lied to the experts because they felt it was something they should say rather than their actual feelings. They agree to revisit the subject in a few years.

Elizabeth has a bath with rose petals and champagne set up in the room when they get back.

MAFS Jamie Elizabeth
"Married at First Sight" couple Jamie and Elizabeth did not have sex as early as they hoped. Lifetime

Deonna and Gregory

Deonna tells Greg to cool it with the compliments. She appreciates it, but Greg is going overboard. After 10 years single, she feels weird having a man by her side constantly telling her how beautiful she is. She needs to ease into that, and Greg agrees to try.

After the chat with the other couples, they go to play shuffleboard. Greg is a little put off by the fact that Deonna doesn’t want to read directions.

While they play, Deonna says the girls talked about their concerns. She claims she doesn’t have any, but Greg admits that he is concerned that she has been single for so long. Deonna thinks that’s valid. She understands that they need to be open and patient.

They go on an excursion to go zip lining. Greg claims he doesn’t have a fear of heights, but he certainly seems scared. He is worried about the rope breaking or any number of things that can go wrong. He tries to back out, but he gets back on to impress his wife. He also wants to get out of his comfort zone.

When they have a drink on the beach, Greg gives her a massage and asks her about romance. She claims she isn’t a hopeless romantic and Greg wants to change that. He just has to give her time to let her walls come down.

MAFS Deonna Greg
Deonna and Greg went zip lining during their "Married at First Sight" honeymoon. Lifetime

Iris and Keith

Iris wants to make sure that Keith is “here for the right reasons.” She asks Keith about joining “Married at First Sight,” and Keith says he has had real trouble dating. He’s been picky with partners before, but he wanted to take a leap of faith and trust the experts.

Iris asks if he wants a long relationship or if he’s just here for the eight weeks. He says that he wouldn’t have agreed to do this if he didn’t want a lasting marriage. He wants to find a lifelong partner.

Keith surprises the other guys by revealing Iris is a virgin. He says that he doesn’t want to put any pressure on her. The other guys seem happy that they aren’t in that situation. Iris tells the ladies how great Keith has been about respecting her virginity.

Keith asks Iris about her pet peeves. She thinks Keith is on the phone a lot, which is a surprise. Keith says his pet peeve is Iris being a morning person. He just doesn’t want to jump into a conversation as soon as he wakes up, so Iris knows she needs to give him a little time in the a.m.

Keith plans an excursion for Iris, and she manages to guess that they’re swimming with stingrays. They have a great time during the experience.

These two go on their first dinner date afterward. Iris surprises Keith by telling him about the many forks on the table, and he is impressed.

Later, they talk about sex. Iris explains that she has been physical with guys, but she specifically hasn’t had intercourse. She doesn’t get specific about what she has done before, but Keith emphasizes that he wants to make her as comfortable as possible. They don’t need a timeline for their sex life. It’s about making them both comfortable.

“Married at First Sight” Season 9 airs Wednesdays on Lifetime.