“Married at First Sight” Season 9 came to a close with two marriages and two divorces. Find out which Lifetime reality show couples chose to stay together and which chose to breakup in Wednesday’s finale.

Greg and Deonna

These two have been the most stable relationship, so it’s not surprising that they’re up first. They’ve had some trouble getting to know each other. After 10 years single, Deonna McNeill has built up some walls, and Greg Okotie was worried that she’d never be vulnerable.

Luckily, they’ve overcome that. Greg says he’s seen her grow a lot and he wants to stay married. Deonna wants to stay married too. They say that they aren’t “in love” yet, but they’re “growing in love.”

Are Greg and Deonna the first Season 9 success story? Viewers will find out if they’re still together on the “Married at First Sight” reunion next week.

Keith and Iris

Keith Manley calls his mom for assurance and tells the cameras that Iris Caldwell’s virginity is a factor but not the only thing affecting his decision. Iris knows they’re compatible, but she is concerned that Keith doesn’t know what he really wants.

They sit down with the experts to talk about their journey so far. They know that they’re very compatible. They like each other a lot, and they’ve grown together a lot. However, Keith notes that intimacy is difficult, but they can work on it. They’re attracted to each other.

Iris wants to stay married, something she has said before. Keith, however, isn’t on the same page.

“Right now, I do think that we are in different places individually, and for that reason, I would like to get a divorce,” Keith says.

Iris is upset. She says that she doesn’t understand what he means that they’re in different places. They both wanted to be married. Keith says relationship experience is a big deal. She doesn’t have much relationship experience, and he doesn’t feel like they’re right for each other. He knows she’s amazing, she’s just not his soul mate. Keith says he doesn’t want to hurt her as she cries.

The experts are disappointed, but it’s clear that Keith and Iris gave it a real try. Pastor Cal Roberson assures Iris that she shouldn’t doubt her value just because Keith doesn’t reciprocate those feelings.

Iris and Keith pack up and reflect. It’s weird for them to think about not living together. Keith asks Iris if she’s OK, and Iris assures him she will be eventually.

Married at First Sight Season 9 finale Which "Married at First Sight" Season 9 couples are getting a divorce? Photo: Lifetime

Matt and Amber

This is where fans expected drama. After Amber Bowles left their apartment last night, her friend Raven revealed that he saw Matt Gwynne at a bar with a girl. Amber was crying as she heard the allegation that Matt was cheating on her.

Amber doesn’t want to get a divorce, but she is still reeling from the news. When they reunite to sit down with the experts, things are awkward.

Matt says the best part of being married is not being alone while Amber says that they had a great time on the honeymoon. After that, things got tough. She notes how he wouldn’t come home and that caused issues.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz calls him out. After the first all-nighter, Dr. Pepper dropped by and explained that he should be with his wife. She wants an explanation. Matt says that this was his admittedly poor way of dealing with stress. He put space between himself and Amber when things got tough.

His wife has had enough. She finally brings up the cheating allegations. In addition to Raven seeing Matt leave a bar with a woman, Amber’s co-workers have shown her screenshots of his messages asking out another woman.

Matt explains that he felt like he and his wife were “just friends” at one point but he was “still holding out hope.” The experts are furious that Matt seems so nonchalant. He finally apologizes and says it’s inexcusable and not at all Amber’s fault. He still thinks that he and Amber have potential as a couple.

Amber doesn’t feel like Matt put in all the effort. On paper, he is great, but in reality, this isn’t what she wanted. Amber wants a divorce and Matt agrees. She tells him that he should’ve walked away earlier. It would’ve saved her a lot of pain.

“Matt has been ungentlemanly, unkind, unfaithful. I’m relieved, actually, that Amber and Matt both said they wanted a divorce,” Dr. Pepper told the cameras.

Matt knows that he embarrassed and hurt Amber. He realizes now that he isn’t ready for commitment. “I definitely regret doing this,” Matt says.

Luckily, Amber leaves feeling empowered and knowing she deserves better.

They pack up their stuff, which is difficult. Amber asks what they should do with their photos, and Matt throws them away. She knows that’s pretty symbolic of how he treated their marriage.

Jamie and Elizabeth

These two made it to Decision Day, which is impressive. There have been times that the “Married at First Sight” couple have appeared to be on the brink of divorce after blowout fights, but Jamie Thompson and Elizabeth Bice say they love each other.

They sit down with the experts to talk about their relationship. They have chemistry and passion, but they have issues too. When things get toxic, Jamie leaves instead of dealing with it.

Jamie admits that he doesn’t love their sexual relationship. He says Beth rejects him a lot, and Beth reasons that there are ways other than sex to connect. Her husband says sex is still a big part.

Beth knows that there are positive aspects to their relationship. “I think I would be really, really crazy if I didn’t stay with you, so I want to stay in this marriage,” Beth says.

He admits that they’ve had a rollercoaster relationship, but there has been a lot of good. He can’t stay in this pattern of extreme highs and lows, though. “Do you stay and keep letting the marriage deteriorate or do you step away?” Jamie asks.

“You’re freaking me out,” Beth says.

“There’s too much good, there’s too much positivity, there’s too much to throw away, and so my answer is yes, I want to stay married,” Jamie says.

The Goodbye Cookout

All four couples have to get together for one last cookout before moving out of their apartment complex. Amber and the wives sit down and she reveals all the cheating drama. They’re angry with Matt.

When Iris arrives, she’s wearing her wedding ring. She tells the other girls that they have to ask Keith what happened today.

Matt and Keith finally arrive, and Deonna asks Matt how he’s really doing. Amber says she felt like Matt hated her the whole time. Matt shrugs and Beth asks if he hates her. He says he doesn’t and says there’s nothing left to say. When Amber notes that they’re legally married, Matt just says “chapter closed.” Amber says his cold shoulder hurts and she deserves more. “I hope you find that one day,” he says.

Beth, being Beth, needs to ask questions. She wants to know why exactly he couldn’t stay faithful for eight whole weeks. Matt maintains that he felt like she was just a friend. Jamie can’t believe that he treats this like a game. Deonna feels disrespected for Amber. Iris says Amber is “broken” and points out that this isn’t Amber’s problem.

Matt doesn’t want to be confrontational. He eventually gets up and leaves.

Now, it’s Keith’s turn in the hot seat. Keith reveals that Iris wanted to stay married but he wants a divorce. Keith says he can’t predict the future, so he won’t rule out getting together. Iris maintains that they’re still friends.