Wednesday’s “Married at First Sight” finale is going to have some serious drama. Last week’s episode ended with Amber Bowles learning that Matt Gwynne recently left the bar with another girl, and a sneak peek video from the Lifetime reality show reveals that this wasn’t the first time Amber’s friends caught him messing around.

The clip from tonight’s episode shows Amber and Matt sitting down with all three experts for Decision Day. They have to decide whether they want to get divorced or stay married. It certainly seems like Amber might be leaning towards the former.

Amber tells the experts, “Where there’s smoke there’s fire.” She has been hearing plenty about Matt’s alleged infidelity. The experts ask her to elaborate.

“I got humiliated at school,” the educator says. “All these teachers pulled me into a classroom and a teacher was like, ‘Look at what your husband’s doing.’ He was trying to get this girl to go on a date with him that he’d met at a bar that Saturday night. He’d met her that night and he was messaging her.”

This accusation isn’t the first time viewers have heard cheating allegations. Amber also recalls how her best friend Raven caught Matt at a bar with another woman. “Raven saw him talking to a girl at a bar for a long, long time and then he left with the girl,” Amber reveals.

She has seen screenshots of his messages to another woman asking her for a date. She’s seen the timestamps too. He was doing this during their marriage, which only started a couple of months ago. Remember, “Married at First Sight” takes place during a period of about eight weeks. 

The experts seem shocked. Dr. Viviana Coles asks Matt to respond. He doesn’t deny the cheating allegations. He says he felt they were “just friends” for a time—even though they got married the day they met.

“But I also was holding out hope,” Matt says.

The experts don’t understand how he could be holding out hope while actively cheating on his wife. “You set her up to be humiliated,” Dr. Pepper Schwartz says.

Watch the clip below:

The “Married at First Sight” Season 9 finale airs Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.