“Married at First Sight” is a big adjustment. Marrying a stranger, immediately moving in with them and documenting every moment with a camera crew is stressful for most participants on the Lifetime reality show. Woody and Amani, however, seem to be the exception in this Season 11 clip, exclusive to International Business Times.

Amani wakes up to Woody working on breakfast and serving mimosas, and he even gives her a bouquet. It’s safe to say that she’s on cloud nine after the honeymoon.

“I did not think it was gonna be this easy this fast,” Amani tells the cameras. “I expected to like the person that I was matched with eventually, but we’ve literally liked each other since Day 1. And I think that’s exciting.”

At breakfast, Woody comments that he’s still processing their whirlwind marriage. He’s so happy that they have this easy chemistry and relationship. “Real life black love baby. Can’t shake that, it’s like unmatched. It’s direct, it’s simple, it’s easy,” he says.

Woody isn’t totally oblivious to the obstacles they’ve yet to face, though. He seems to understand that there is no way to avoid tough times, but he is committed to working through them.

“Still gonna have some trying times. There’s going to be some bumps, some hiccups down the line, but at the same time, if you willing to try, then it’ll be okay,” Woody tells his wife.

“It’s gonna be great, I feel it,” Amani says.

Woody emphasizes he has no regrets and he’s so happy.

Watch the exclusive "Married at First Sight" clip below:

Amani previously told IBT that she was shocked at how at-ease she was with her new husband.

“The most surprising part of the process was feeling instantly comfortable enough to talk and dance freely with my new spouse at the wedding,” she said. “There was a sense of comfort that he offered me and I’m not sure if it was purposeful or not. I appreciated how attentive Woody was from the beginning because it helped to set a good foundation for our journey.”

“Married at First Sight” airs Wednesdays on Lifetime.

MAFS Woody and Amani
Amani and Woody star in Lifetime's "Married at First Sight" Season 11. Mike Lirette Photography