“Married at First Sight” Season 11 has introduced Amani and Woody, who are seemingly polar opposites. While Woody is extroverted and vivacious, Amani seems much calmer and reserved on the Lifetime reality show. However, the bride told International Business Times via e-mail that she was “instantly comfortable” with her new husband and revealed that Woody helped “set a good foundation” for their marriage. First, though, she had to let her guard down.

International Business Times: Why did you want to participate in “Married at First Sight”?

Amani: I wanted to participate in “MAFS” because I was interested in being matched with someone instead of choosing them for myself. I felt I had not been meeting men that I could see myself with for longer than the “getting to know you” phase. I was interested in seeing if the experts were able to find someone that I would enjoy being with for a lifetime. (No pun intended lol)

IBT: Did you watch “MAFS” previously? Any favorite couples?

Amani: My best friend is an avid Lifetime viewer; she introduced me to Season 9 with Keith and Iris. Shortly after watching a couple episodes, she sent me the ad for [“Married at First Sight” casting in New Orleans]. It felt like fate! What are the odds that my best friend JUST introduced me to this show, and now they’re coming to New Orleans? Once in a lifetime!

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I immediately began binge-watching all of the previous seasons to get acquainted with what could possibly happen. I think my favorite couples were Greg and Deonna and Bobby and Danielle. They were super sweet and seemed to build a good foundation with each other for their next steps after the show.

IBT: Did you know how many “Married at First Sight” couples get divorced?

Amani: No, from my understanding at the time, I thought that roughly half of the couples stayed married. I felt like my chances of staying with my stranger spouse were just as high as if I met him on the streets myself. I would rather have someone run a background check, do psych evaluations, employment verifications, etc. I can’t do that when I meet people on my own.

IBT: Were there any characteristics that you definitely didn’t want in a partner?

Amani: I definitely wanted the experts to make sure that my partner was not closed-minded. I’ve never enjoyed being around people that aren’t open to new experiences. I love to travel and learn about new cultures; you can’t do that with someone who only wants to see life as they know it. I feel being closed-minded translates into your ability to have productive conversations also. I didn’t want that for my marriage.

MAFS Woody and Amani Amani and Woody met at their wedding on "Married at First Sight" Season 11. Photo: Lifetime

IBT: How did your friends and family react to your decision to get married at first sight?

Amani: My friends and family were all super supportive of my decision to get married at first sight. I was expecting some more push back, to be honest. Everyone had a lot of questions of course but mainly to make sure that I was covered from all angles.

IBT: On the matchmaking special, you say you learned your last boyfriend was married after 7 months. Did that betrayal affect your mindset going into this marriage?

Amani: I definitely had my guard up going into this marriage. I was still open to finding love but I knew that I would have to be comfortable first before opening up to my spouse. I’ve never been the type to view men negatively because of the type of men I’ve dated. I will, however, be mindful of the same type of behaviors I’ve seen before. I’m happy to have had a variety of relationships to prepare me for giving love to the right person.

IBT: What was your biggest concern when you chose your dress?

Amani: Originally, I wanted a dress with beautiful long sleeves. Long-sleeved gowns have always been aesthetically pleasing to me, but they also are my security blanket. I’ve dealt with eczema my entire life and have always been insecure about the scars and blemishes caused from eczema. I wanted to feel beautiful, and I needed my dress to be something I could dance in. I ended up with a blush, strapless, mermaid gown and I felt the most beautiful ever!

IBT: What was the most surprising part of the process?

Amani: The most surprising part of the process was feeling instantly comfortable enough to talk and dance freely with my new spouse at the wedding. There was a sense of comfort that he offered me and I’m not sure if it was purposeful or not. I appreciated how attentive Woody was from the beginning because it helped to set a good foundation for our journey.

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IBT: What was the most difficult part of “Married at First Sight”?

Amani: The most difficult part of “MAFS” is trusting my gut instincts. For so long, I’ve been the person that ignored my gut instinct because of wanting to give people the benefit of the doubt. During this experience, you’re literally overwhelmed with emotion but trusting yourself is important when making potentially long-lasting decisions.

IBT: Who would you recommend to join “Married at First Sight”?

Amani: I would only recommend this experience to someone who is confident in what they have to offer as a spouse. Your abilities as a person will get questioned a lot and being sure of yourself helps aid in your growth. This only matters because this process really is just you and your spouse; everything else is fluff and a nuisance. If you don’t feel even a little comfortable with ANYTHING this process includes I wouldn’t do it. I feel like the only way to approach the question of “Should I get married at first sight?” is to honestly reflect on if there is any other way that you can meet someone and stay married.

“Married at First Sight” Season 11 airs Wednesdays on Lifetime.