“Married at First Sight” is full of surprises, but Season 11 star Christina said the biggest shock was who the experts chose as her husband. She called Henry, a clinical recruiter, her “polar opposite” in an exclusive e-mail interview with International Business Times. The Lifetime reality star opened up about forgetting Henry’s name, the activist values she needed in a husband and why her friends weren’t surprised that she took such a big risk.

IBT: Why did you want to participate in "Married at First Sight"? 

Christina: Because I'm somewhat of a risk-taker and I didn't feel as if I had good luck in the love department when choosing my partners…. So I thought,  “Why not!?!” 

IBT: Did you watch "MAFS" previously? Any favorite couples? 

Christina: Not really. I somewhat watched Season 9 and I saw some of the season with Elizabeth and her husband (I always forget his name… SORRY, clearly I'm bad at names. I forgot my own husband's name on the night of the wedding). Anyways I absolutely LOVED Elizabeth. I thought she was pretty, a little wild and super funny. I also saw some clips of all of the  “bad guys” from previous seasons which was unsettling. 

[Editor's Note: Elizabeth Bice married Jamie Thompson. The couple is still together.]

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IBT: Did you know how many “Married at First Sight” couples get divorced? 

Christina: Nope. Some of my friends know WAY more about the show than I do… AND I WENT THROUGH THE PROCESS hahaha 

IBT: Were there any characteristics that you definitely didn't want in a partner? 

Christina: Someone mean or dismissive… I had been through plenty of relationships like that already. I wanted a kind person and someone who believes in equal rights and is active and vocal: Feminism, LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, etc. 

IBT: From the matchmaking special, it's clear that your mom supports your decision to get married at first sight. Did your friends and other family feel the same? 

Christina: Most of my friends and family members weren't even shocked. I do random things all the time, a lot of my friends were actually stoked because that would mean me sticking around New Orleans more and not just traveling on my days off. 

IBT: Being a flight attendant can mean a lot of time away. Was your job a stressor when it came to getting to know your new husband? 

Christina: Actually, while we were filming, I was only able to go on three or four trips before COVID struck… So, it was quite the opposite, I actually spent a lot of time at home. 

MAFS Henry and Christina Christina and Henry star in "Married At First Sight" Season 11. Photo: Lady Portrait & Wedding Photography

IBT: What was your biggest concern when you chose your dress?

Christina: I wanted for it to be sexy yet appropriate… That probably makes zero sense, but it does to me and it's the only way I know how to put it. 

IBT: What was the most surprising part of the process? 

Christina: Who I got matched with, actually! He's definitely unlike anyone I’ve ever dated. Like, I thought the person they matched me with would be different, but not the polar opposite of me. But I guess that’s the whole point of this experiment - see if someone you wouldn’t pick for yourself could be the right one for you!

IBT: What was the most difficult part of “Married at First Sight”? 

 Christina: Sleeping in a bed with a complete stranger!! 

IBT: Who would you recommend to join “Married at First Sight”? 

Christina: I wouldn’t recommend this process to anyone. Definitely not in a negative way, just no one that I can think of at the moment that would benefit from this process right now.

“Married at First Sight” Season 11 airs Wednesdays on Lifetime.