Telling loved ones about an engagement is usually a smooth process, but it’s a little more difficult on “Married at First Sight.” In a clip from the Season 11 premiere, two grooms, Miles and Woody, reveal that they’ve both been matched. Everyone is excited for Miles, but they aren’t so sure about Woody.

In the sneak-peek video, which is exclusive to International Business Times and can be seen above, best friends Woody and Miles sit down to eat with their friends and family in New Orleans, which is where “Married at First Sight” Season 11 takes place.

“Woody and I have been in this process, trying to figure out if we’re going to find a match, and both of us [are] getting married,” Miles reveals.

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Their friends are surprised, noting that they aren’t so sure 30-year-old Woody is as ready as 26-year-old Miles. They remind the teacher/coach that he isn’t just meeting his wife at the altar; he is also marrying her. They ask how he’ll handle it if he isn’t attracted to his wife, and Woody does not seem to have considered that possibility (despite it coming up nearly every season on the show).

“It makes me feel surprised, shocked,” their friend Ahmad tells the cameras. “Not so much Miles, but Woody. Just knowing the type of person he is… the life that he lived, it wasn’t for married people.”

Their friends aren’t afraid to confront them at the table. One woman agrees that she understands Miles being ready, but she can’t see Woody getting hitched. Another friend points out that he'll be giving up his freedom to come and go as he pleases, and he'll have to make decisions with his new partner. Despite the groom's claims that he really is ready for that, the group still doesn't believe he knows what marriage will require.

“You say that, but I’m not really sure,” Woody’s cousin Rechelle says. “Because you a wild boy.”

Woody has been matched with Amani, a project coordinator in the nonprofit sector. Viewers will have to tune in to see if he’s ready for their marriage.

“Married at First Sight” Season 11 airs Wednesdays on Lifetime.

MAFS Woody and Amani Woody and Amani join "Married at First Sight" Season 11. Photo: Mike Lirette Photography