MAFS recap Sam and Neil
Sam Role worried that Neil Bowlus wasn't showing her his real personality in "Married at First Sight" Season 3, episode 6. FYI

Growing pains were a big part of “Married at First Sight” Season 3, episode 6. After getting married, honeymooning and moving in together, the couples seem to finally be getting to know each other. However, as they learn more about each other, they seem to be starting to find flaws.

Neil and Sam

Sam Role is still uncomfortable, so she calls “Married at First Sight” expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz, a sociologist, to visit. “I know the cool Neil that I talk to when there’s no camera, and then I know Camera Neil,” Sam says. She claims that Neil Bowlus is politically correct in front of the cameras. He swears more and is less careful about what he criticizes when they’re being filmed.

Neil says that he doesn’t want his grandmother to see him being disrespectful on TV. Sam thinks he is only honest on camera when he is upset, and they’re hoping Dr. Pepper can help.

Dr. Pepper tells Sam that she can’t expect him to be completely comfortable with a camera crew following him around after just two weeks. Neil tells Dr. Pepper that Sam is very critical of him, and Dr. Peppers says that’s why he censors himself. The sociologist brings them together to talk about what they expect from each other. Sam once again emphasizes that she wants a dominant person. Neil says that he wants a 50/50 relationship.

The sociologist asks if they’re still committed. Neil confirms he is, but Sam is “indifferent.” Dr. Pepper tells her that she has to be committed if she wants her relationship to work.

For Father’s Day, Neil goes shooting with Sam’s dad. “I’m genuinely scared about my life right now,” Neil tells the cameras. However, he’s totally fine. The two sit down afterwards and talk about Neil’s marriage. Neil affirms that he is putting in the work to make his marriage go well, even though he is more introverted than Sam. Sam’s dad makes Neil feel like part of the family and he seems to believe Neil is a good guy.

Later, Sam and Neil get a chance to talk. Sam admits that she hasn’t really been herself because of the stressful situation. Sam thinks that once they start having some fun, they’ll be fine.

David and Ashley

This couple had to deal with some painful parts of the past. Father’s Day is coming up, but David Norton’s dad is dead. Ashley Doherty doesn’t celebrate with her biological father because they don’t have a relationship.

David says that he used to completely shut down on Father’s Day, but he has gotten better. Ashley doesn’t really know what to say. She knows she can’t relate to him. David opens up to her and reflects on how he feels about his father’s death. Unfortunately, that doesn’t lead Ashley to finally open up about anything personal.

David finally asks his wife how she feels, but she doesn’t really have an answer yet. It concerns her husband.

On Father’s Day, Ashley asks David why he is grumpy. “Oh god, because my dad died and I f------ hate today, that’s why!” he yells as he slams the bathroom door. His wife is shocked by the outburst, but she knows that it’s a difficult day for him. She goes to comfort him, and David is pleasantly surprised to see that side of her.

David’s mother brings over old family videos for them to watch on Father’s Day, and David’s mom says that she can tell they’re a married couple. She just hopes they’ll both let their guards down eventually.

Dr. Pepper visits them and tells Ashley that she needs to start referring to David as her husband. The sociologist is more concerned about their lack of physical affection. They really haven’t been kissing or hugging.

They tell Dr. Pepper that they want to have a party to introduce their friends. However, Ashley is concerned about how large the event will be. Dr. Pepper explains to David that Ashley needs to meet people in smaller groups so she doesn’t get so overwhelmed.

David tries to talk about their relationship again later, and Ashley continues to avoid really talking about her feelings. David had no idea where they stand in their relationship and he gets frustrated. Ashley says she needs to study and she feels like he doesn’t understand that she doesn’t have time right now.

Tres and Vanessa

After a romantic first night in their new place, Tres Russell and Vanessa Nelson consummate their relationship. They’re the first couple to have sex this season. “We consummated the f--- out of that marriage,” Tres says.

Vanessa doesn’t talk to her father, but she tells her sister that she and Tres will celebrate with his dad. Vanessa knows that it’s weird to celebrate Father’s Day after only meeting a little while ago, but she wants to do it for her husband. They have a nice day together, and Tres’ dad tells her that he’ll be there for anything that she needs a father for.

After the celebration, Tres goes out and gets drunk with father and uncle. He tells Vanessa that he has scaled back the drinking a ton since wanting to get married. Still, it irritates Vanessa that he was passed out when she came home. She wonders if he is ready to give up the bachelor life and realizes that she still doesn’t know Tres.

Dr. Pepper sees them and they talk about Tres’ drinking. Tres explains that he isn’t always like that. She tells them that they should talk about their expectations. After the sociologist leaves, Vanessa admits that she needs to stop “looking for more serious things,” and Tres says he wants to make sure they can have fun around each other. Vanessa still thinks it's possible for them to fall in love.

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