Married at First Sight Season 4 premiere
Lillian Vilchez was very superstitious on her wedding day on the “Married at First Sight” Season 4 premiere. FYI

“Married at First Sight” Season 4 kicked off with six new singles looking for love. After finding their matches, the premiere followed them almost all the way to the altar. However, some relationships were off to a bad start before they even met.

The premiere introduces viewers not only to new cast members, but new experts. Pastor Calvin Roberson and communications expert Rachel DeAlto helped sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz choose the new couples.

Sonia and Nick

Sonia Granados, who was heartbroken by her parents’ divorce, is ready for love. Her future husband, Nick Pendergrast, is still reeling from the death of his aunt, but it put his life into perspective. He realized that he is missing a partner in life. They’ve been matched because they both value family and have similar ambitions and backgrounds.

Their families are both shocked. Nick’s family hopes that he is happy, and Sonia’s father supports her too. However, her dad seems a little more worried than Nick’s father.

Sonia’s mother lives in Costa Rica, so she couldn’t go wedding dress shopping. However, she made it to Miami in time for Sonia’s bachelorette party at a drag show. She gets pulled on the stage to take a shot, but her fiancé’s last night as a single man is a little calmer. Nick’s friends tried to get him to a strip club during his bachelor party, but it seems he is more reserved than many grooms.

Before the ceremony, they exchange gifts. Sonia gave him nice scotch, and Derek gave his future wife champagne and socks for cold feet. The joke makes Sonia giggle, and she feels like they’re a good match.

Heather and Derek

Heather Seidel grew up with her parents in a healthy marriage, and she wants something like that. She thinks she is ready for marriage.

Her soon-to-be husband Derek Schwartz is looking for someone to have fun with him. The Navy veteran was raised by a single mother, and he hopes that his marriage is long lasting. He wants the honeymoon phase to be never-ending. Dr. Pepper says they were matched because their thinking patterns are similar and have similar, quiet temperaments.

On his wedding day, Derek tells his friends that he and his wife are going to cuddle on the first night of marriage. He seems to be in good spirits, but Heather isn’t quite so relaxed. She’s overwhelmed and starts crying before she even leaves her bridal suite.

Lillian and Tom

Lillian Vilchez’s parents divorced after she left home, and now she doesn’t have much contact with her father. She still wants to find lasting love, though, and the experts have paired her with the free spirited Tom Wilson. He lives in a tour bus and loves being by the beach. He wants to share his life with someone.

Calvin says that Tom is creative and wants love and Lillian is very caring. They’re both entrepreneurial, and the experts hope they’ll motivate each other.

When Lillian goes wedding dress shopping, her mother nixes a dress after seeing pearls on it. In her mother’s home country, Nicaragua, pearls are a bad omen on a wedding day. Lillian agrees to avoid pearls.

Lillian appreciates the family she has around since not everyone could be there on her big day. Her cousin is walking her down the aisle. She’s sad that her father isn’t really in touch with her, and he won’t be able to give her away.

While Lillian is getting ready for her wedding, Tom sends a gift to her room: a pearl necklace. “I hope my gift tells her that I’m caring and that I’m giving her a decent, thought out gift,” Tom says. He doesn’t realize the significance of the gift.

Lillian doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. She even likes the necklace, but she just can’t risk a bad omen on such a big day. Her mother tells her she can’t wear it, and the bride agrees.

A necklace isn’t the only problem. Rain suddenly starts right before Lillian walks down the aisle. Lillian feels like this is another bad sign. Will it stop her from walking down the aisle? The episode ends before any of the couples make it to the altar.

“Married at First Sight” Season 4 airs Tuesdays at 8:45 p.m. EDT on FYI.