Crystal Dynamics shared a quick teaser about the post-campaign gameplay players will get to enjoy in “Marvel’s Avengers.”

“Marvel’s Avengers” appears to be one of the biggest upcoming titles in video games today. Created by Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, it will put players in the shoes of their favorite Avenger as they fight new enemies in various scenarios.

Previous reports said players will get to enjoy solo offline gameplay via the campaign mode. The single-player campaign mode will sometimes allow for free exploration, or sometimes be “directed.” It will be directed in the sense that it will sometimes make players play as a specific hero for specific missions. It will, thankfully, it will also allow players to choose the hero they want and roam in stages freely.

Players will also get the chance to play with other players via the online co-op mode. The online co-op mode doesn’t allow character stacking, which means that in a co-op game of four characters, for example, everyone has to choose four different heroes -- no four Hulks or Thors. This has to be done, or “it wouldn't be the Avengers otherwise,” Crystal Dynamics’ Philippe Therien said at the time.

Post-campaign co-op gameplay

According to a report from Daily Star, it seems that there’ll be more to the game than just single-player gameplay and online co-op featuring different heroes.

In an interview, Crystal Dynamics’ Studio Creative Director Noah Hughes said players will have “plenty of leveling up to do” when the game wraps up. This indicates that players will have more things to do -- and more enemies to fight -- even after finishing the game’s main campaign.

Hughes said players will face “even greater threats” which will require leveling up and a lot of practice working with other players. Specifically, Hughes said "co-ordinating as multiple Avengers will become a more significant demand" after the campaign is done.

He also said that the game will get “harder and harder” as players progress in the game. They will face “hero-sized villains” as well as enemies that are “much larger.” Thankfully, players will get to unlock more powerful skills as they progress in the game.

Obviously, that sounds pretty big. “Marvel’s Avengers” will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 15 next year. It is also expected to come to Google Stadia.

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