Mase and Cam'ron beef begins from "The Oracle" diss track. Getty Images

Two rappers made famous in the 1990s New York hip-hop scene have reemerged as Mase released a diss track, "The Oracle," targeting his childhood friend Friday morning.

"The Oracle" project and track release from Mase, aka Mason Durell Betha, on Friday is the first from the 90s rappers in years. Mase's lyrics (the song can be heard here) aggressively go after his fellow Harlem friend, producer and collaborator. Mase even makes reference to Cam'ron performing sexual acts with his own sister.

Cam'ron responded via Instagram within the past few hours, saying "Good morning to you too...let's play..."

"Now I'm like f*** it if he dies I dies, ain't no unity, ain't no Children of the Corn, ain't no you and me," Mase raps, referencing the 1990s group the two helped form when they were young. Damon Dash, who went on to co-found Roc-a-Fella records with Jay-Z, was their manager for a brief period of time during that era.

“You robbed Juelz on some Diddy sh*t, then when Jim start ballin’ you get back on some sissy sh*t,” Ma$e goes on over the instrumental to Jay-Z’s “Blueprint" album. Mase e even blasts Cam'ron for his petty choice of wearing pink.

Almost immediately, people took to Twitter in disbelief at the feud so many years late as well as at their support for the sudden reemergence of 90s hip-hop drama.