• "Mass Effect: Legendary Edition" was released on May 14
  • The game was developed by Bioware and published by EA
  • "Mass Effect: Legendary Edition" features six classes 

"Mass Effect: Legendary Edition" offers players different choices ranging from the facial features of their character to Shepard's origin.

Some choices have a significant effect on how players enjoy the game, one of which is selecting the player's class. While this task could be daunting, this guide could help players look for effective ways to pick the right class in the newly released RPG title.


The default class is the easiest class to learn and the best one fitted for Shepard in "Mass Effect: Legendary Edition." This class is based on close combat and obtaining better offensive depending on how players upgrade their armor and weapons. Among all the classes in the game, the Soldier class offers the most balanced stats, a wide range of options for weapons, and features beefier HP bars.


Adept is the standard mage class in "Mass Effect: Legendary Edition." This class can manipulate surroundings using the power of the mind. Adepts' weapons and armor are on the weaker side, but their resourcefulness through their environment makes up for it.

Mass Effect Andromeda
EA and BioWare have revealed what players are getting as bonuses when they preorder "Mass Effect: Andromeda." YouTube/Mass Effect


Players who want to take advantage of technology in-game should pick the Engineer class. It comes with a wide range of powers that allows players to take control of the battlefield easily. This class can ensure any kind of defense can be used against the enemy.


This is considered as the hybrid class in "Mass Effect: Legendary Edition" as it combines the combat skills of the Soldier class and the biotic upgrades of the Adept class. As for its downside, the Vanguard class has only a limited number of weapons available. Players can use this class for front-line assault and battlefield manipulation.


Like the Vanguard class, the Sentinel class also combines two classes, but this time, the biotics and technical superiority of the Adept class and Engineer class. This is the best class for players who prefer to control the battlefield than engage in combat.


Another hybrid class that players can choose in "Mass Effect: Legendary Edition" is the Infiltrator class. It combines the best abilities of the Engineer and Soldier classes. Its strength is in taking out enemies by either disabling or shooting them. The infiltrator class usually sticks to the back of the battlefield.