• "WWE 2K22" is slated to release in March
  • The game is set to launch on various gaming platforms
  • A new leak reveals more details about the game

2K has been silent about the next "WWE" game installment but a new leak surfaced online, providing a lot of details about "WWE 2K22," including its box art, pre-order information, as well its access period.

The supposed box art of "WWE 2K22" surfaced on Twitter, courtesy of Nils Ahrensmeier, a writer for the German outlet Technik News. The leak confirmed the two different covers for the game's standard and deluxe editions.

Both covers feature the legendary wrestler Rey Mysterio, which is not actually surprising since his name came out on the initial teaser and he was the first star that the team confirmed for the upcoming game.

WWE 2K22 Hit List reveals new game features
The WWE 2K22 Hit List reveals 10 new features and innovations that will make WWE 2K22 hit different in March 2022. YouTube Screenshot/WWE Official YouTube Channel

Aside from those, the leak also revealed the three-day Early Access period, which will reportedly go live on March 8. Moreover, the outlet claimed that the "WWE 2K22" Deluxe Edition will feature everything included in the Standard Edition, including the Undertaker Immortal Pack, as well as the Season Pass.

Fans who will pre-order the game will receive a plethora of goodies, according to the leak. Pre-ordering the deluxe or the nWo 4-Life Edition grants fans the Undertaker Immortal Pack, underlining the fact that the Undertaker is a pre-order exclusive playable character.

The said pack reportedly includes three additional Undertaker personas, which are the Phantom Mask Undertaker, Boneyard Match Undertaker and the Lord of Darkness Undertaker. The deluxe edition will also feature MyFaction EVO cards for the Undertaker and unspecified MyFaction Perks and Bonuses.

Fans have high expectations for the upcoming "WWE 2K22" following the tragic launch and reception of "WWE 2K20." The franchise took a year off after the title was criticized severely, which prompted Sony to issue refunds to unsatisfied customers.

The team instead launched the "WWE 2K Battlegrounds" in the absence of the mainline entry. The team hopefully had made the right decision to give developers more time before releasing another series entry.

These leaks, while interesting, are, unfortunately, not official. 2K has not yet confirmed these details. Fans should temper their expectations and take these leaks as highly speculative at this stage.

"WWE 2K22" is slated to release in March and will be available on various gaming platforms. This includes PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5.