Steve Levitan, co-creator of ABC comedy “Modern Family”, criticized Fox News on Monday for its coverage of various issues including the recent mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

Levitan is not the only person who criticized the network. On Monday, conservative blogger Matt Drudge slammed the hosts of “Outnumbered,” Fox News’s daytime talk show, for appearing to laugh while discussing how the recent violent attacks, including the incident where pipe bombs were sent to prominent critics of President Donald Trump and Saturday’s mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, will affect the upcoming midterm elections. He is the founder of “The Drudge Report”, an influential, right-wing news aggregate site.

Recently, Fox News — owned by Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox — has faced intense criticism due to its coverage of many topics including the synagogue shooting, the caravan of migrants that has been traveling through South America toward the United States and of explosive devices mailed to political leaders and members of the press.

“By espousing unfounded conspiracy theories and justifying Trump’s reprehensible statements and actions, Fox News fuels our country’s divisiveness,” Levitan told Variety. “I sincerely hope Lachlan Murdoch recognizes the damage this is doing and finally brings sound journalistic ethics and standards to his network before more unhinged people are riled up to send bombs and shoot up churches and synagogues.”

On Monday, the “Outnumbered” hosts Melissa Francis, Harris Faulkner, Rachel Campos-Duffy and Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, better known as Kennedy, were joined by Republican strategist Josh Holmes for a discussion about the shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue that left 11 dead and several injured.

The conversation went well until the topic of whether places of worship should have armed guards, a suggestion made by Trump, came up. This was followed by a monologue by Holmes about unity. Right after, Faulkner jokingly asked him, “When are you running exactly?” This prompted laughter, which continued as Campos-Duffy’s family was brought up, and the hosts again cracked some jokes.

Drudge Tweeted a screenshot of the show where the hosts were laughing with the caption “Hysterical”. He is known for his influential, right-wing news aggregation website favored by Trump, a report in Real Clear Life said.

This is not the first time Levitan has criticized Fox News. In June, he condemned the news channel's coverage of child-separation at the border.

“I have great respect and admiration for Dana Walden, Gary Newman, Peter Rice, and everyone at 20th Century Fox Studios who have all treated me so well for almost 2 decades,” Levitan said in a statement, according to a report in Variety. “For now, I will take some time to see where those people land, and at that point, make a decision about my future.”

According to reports, “Modern Family” is produced by 20th Century Fox Television. In December 2017, The Walt Disney Company announced its plan to acquire 21st Century Fox along with the majority of its other entertainment assets, which included 20th Century Fox Television and the deal is expected to be completed by January 2019.

Levitan, whose deal with 20th Century Fox Television expired in July, said he will not do business with the Murdoch family-controlled New Fox or its broadcast arm regardless of whether he re-ups with 20th or signs a new deal with another studio.

 “I’m not going to do anything for the Fox network ever again as long as Fox News remains such a destructive voice in our society,” he said.