Disgraced NBC anchor and "Today" show host Matt Lauer has deleted every form of social media. As of Thursday evening, the anchor appears to have deleted his social media accounts completely -- including his Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for Lauer appear to have been quietly deactivated as more and more women come forward with accusations of sexual harassment they experienced from him while they worked at NBC. Most of them he hadn't used in years, with his Twitter account unused since summer of 2016 and his Facebook having sporadically posted since 2015.

"Sorry that page doesn't exist!" showed up on his Twitter page as of 9 p.m. EST. Lauer reportedly went straight from 30 Rock in midtown Manhattan to go see his teenage son at his prep school to inform him about the pending sexual allegations that broke Wednesday.

On Wednesday, it was announced on the “Today Show” that someone had come forward with allegations against Lauer, who is 59 years old. While no official word on what those allegations was confirmed by the network, it was bad enough for him to be terminated immediately by the network. Since then, at least eight women total have come forward to NBC to share their story.

Some people got their wish.