Meek Mill 50 Cent feud update
50 Cent, pictured at the Paley Center for Media's Hollywood Tribute to African American Achievements in Television in Beverly Hills on Oct. 26, 2015, bashed rival rapper Meek Mill again during a recent concert. Getty Images

50 Cent is not done taking jabs at his rival Meek Mill and taunted the rapper during a weekend concert. While taking the stage Saturday night at the Fox Theater in Detroit, 50 Cent held up a black T-shirt that read: "R.I.P. Meek Mill [1987-2016]."

In video posted on social media, the crowd can be heard screaming and cheering as the 40-year-old rapper laughed and waved the shirt in the air.

As previously reported, 50 Cent and Mill's beef started last month after the “All Eyes On You” rapper released the song "Gave 'Em Hope." Besides taking jabs at Drake in the song, Mill referenced claims by Vivica A. Fox that 50 Cent is gay. He also mocked 50 Cent filing for bankruptcy protection last year.

Ever since the song’s release, 50 Cent has continuously attacked Mill. A few weeks ago, the "Many Men" rapper posted a Photoshopped picture of Mill's face on the poop emoji, writing on Instagram, “LMAO Hey s--- head, your career is over already. You better focus on getting Nikki pregnant so you can at least get child support girl. New meek emoji lol.”

50 Cent also posted a picture of a fake obituary for Mill, which stated that the rapper died "after a long battle of taking L's from 50 Cent of G-Unit."

"He is survived by Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Dream Chasers & Maybach Music Group. He will not be greatly miss [sic]," the fake announcement read.

Mill tried to squash his beef with 50 Cent. When a fan challenged Mill to donate 60,000 bottles of water to Flint, Michigan, instead of arguing with 50 Cent, the rapper took the fan up on the offer.

But 50 Cent wasn't ready to call a truce and mocked Mill's charitable efforts. The rapper-actor posted a news article about Mill's friend getting arrested for skipping out on a restaurant bill and told the rapper he should help out those closest to him as well.

50 Cent's latest jab at Mill comes days after a Philadelphia judge ordered the latter to 90 days of house arrest for violating his probation, Us Weekly reports. Starting March 1, Mill has to wear an ankle monitor and is not allowed to release, record or perform music. The rapper, who's dating Nicki Minaj, will also be on probation for another six years and has to complete community service.