Kidd Kidd
Kidd Kidd, pictured June 2, 2015, joined the Meek Mill vs. 50 Cent feud Monday night. Getty Images

The famous feud between Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill and “Hotline Bling” star Drake has turned into the Mill vs. 50 Cent battle since the New York rapper got involved last week. Now, Kidd Kidd has also joined in against Mill.

Kidd Kidd, who is signed to 50 Cent’s hip-hop group G-Unit, slammed Mill’s during a New York concert Monday night, XXL Mag reported Tuesday. First, he had the audience chant, “F--- Meek Milli.” Then he spat, “Drake coulda f---ed your bitch if it wasn’t for Wayne/Let’s play a game of truth or dare, dare you speak my name/And tell Gunplay he gonna need gun play if he want to get his chain.” The last line is a reference to a 2012 fight where Gunplay lost his chain, XXL Mag noted.

So why has Kidd Kidd gotten involved? It could be because 50 Cent has a longstanding feud with MMG head Rick Ross. Kidd Kidd is siding with his boss in the MMG vs. G-Unit battle. Mill, of course, is a part of MMG.

50 Cent ripped Mill apart earlier in the week with a series of Instagram messages. He called him a “s---head” in multiple posts but used the poop emoji instead of the curse word.

In recent days, the “In Da Club” rapper focused on his business ventures. He’s currently promoting his liquor, Effen Vodka. He posted a photo of himself wearing a suit to Instagram Tuesday with the following caption: “I trust there will always be moments that make you feel you can't trust anyone.”

Of course, Drake isn’t saying silent, either. In his new single, “Summer Sixteen,” Drake hinted that he checked into the same hotel as Mill. The Philadelphian then claimed Drake used a ghostwriter, a claim that he has long held onto.


The ghost writer told me! _

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