After it was confirmed that rapper Beanie Sigel was beat up by a person claiming to be from Meek Mill’s crew, The Game’s manager is now calling out the Philadelphia rapper.

In a video posted on Instagram, Wack 100 reveals his disdain with what happened to Beanie Sigel and said that Beans revealed no type of information to The Game — something Meek Mill’s crew claimed.

“Y’all n----s went back there and put your hands on Beans. On Piru and everything Piru stand for, Beans ain’t told me s--- about nothing. If you pay attention to where this problem come from, it all go back to your man Meek,” said Wack 100.

“That n---- Beans been carrying Philly on his back for 20 plus years. Y’all violate that man in front of his wife and his kids…that n---- ain’t told us nothing. Whoever the f--- did that need to be dealt with. Y’all need to deal with [Meek Mill] and tell him get back in the booth. Fix that,” he continued.

Wack 100 does admit to speaking with Beanie Sigel during the beef in the caption for the video but said nothing was “violated.” “Just because [two] men have a conversation doesn’t mean a man violated a conversation.”

On Saturday in Philadelphia, before the Bad Boy reunion concert, Snapchat footage shows Beanie Sigel lying on the floor with a caption that reads, “Beanie Sigel got knocked out.” While it’s assumed the attack stems from Sigel saying he had a hand in writing Meek Mill’s diss song directed at The Game, Teefy Bey — a member of Meek’s Dreamchasers crew — said it was more than that. 

“Telling n----- information that only the camp know. And not the information that you wrote something, cause you didn’t, the information was more worse than that,” he said.