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Lauren Tannehill's name might not have been considered famous before her appearance at the 2012 NFL draft where she watched her No. 8-pick husband, Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M, get picked up by the Miami Dolphins. But, after just one quick camera pan, the nation took notice of Ms. Tannehill.

The blonde beauty's name began trending on Twitter, as she became the subject of more than 800 tweets in the 10 minutes after Ryan Tannehill was selected, according to NBC's Darren Rovell. She has since snagged over 5,000 Twitter followers and hoards of adoring suitors.

I think Ryan Tannehill's wife is a better prospect than Ryan Tannehill tweeted user @AdamMcKee12.

The Browns should trade up for the 3rd pick and draft Ryan Tannehill's wife, added @TheHMonkey.

Michigan news reported, Chris Casquejo, wrote, The biggest winner of the NFL draft so far? Lauren Tannehill.

Lauren Tannehill is a 24-year-old aspiring model, according to the Daily Mail. She currently works for a cardiologist and hopes to become a nurse, according to an interview she gave in September. However, her career might shift after her beauty caught the attention of thousands of eyes around the nation.

Her long, bright blonde hair, green eyes and dazzling smile surely make for a pleasing sight. And Ryan likes when the limelight shines on his beautiful bride.

I think it's funny, Tannehill said after Lauren first piqued the interest of Bleacher Report last Fall during a college football match between Texas and Texas A&M. I think it's great whenever people tweet her or say anything about it. She went into a restaurant a couple of days later and the waiter said, 'I saw you on TV. You're Ryan's girlfriend.' I thought the whole thing was great.


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Lauren was represented by Page.713 model and talent agency. She has scored some work as a model already, including appearances in the Da Vinci wedding catalog and a photo shoot with luxury handbags.

Standing at a reported 5-feet, 7-inches tall with a size-0/2 frame, work in commercial print or promotional modeling is quite possible.

If she does decide to amp up her modeling career, she will join the ranks of other NFL model wives, including supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Carrie Prejean, Candice Crawford, Brande Roderick, Carmela DeCesare and Jennifer Walcott.

Currently, the young newlywed is a nurse-in-training and had been working for a cardiologist. Of course, she is also enjoying her role as wife.

Lauren Tannehill, formerly Lauren Ufer, married Ryan Tannehill in January in Mexico after having met in 2009.

I was 21 when I met Ryan and, weirdly enough, we met in Panama City, Florida on spring break, she told blogger Lauren Kurk. We went to the same church in College Station and had several friends in common, but we'd never met until we saw each other in Florida. I was immediately attracted, yes, obviously, he's tall and gorgeous. But we got to know each other and found that we had so much in common.

Our first conversations were funny and deep and we both shared that we loved the Lord from the beginning. He became my best friend quickly. It seems like things moved fast, but it was different with Ryan than with anyone else. I just knew he was the one by three months into the relationship.

I think the best thing about our relationship is that it is built on God, first and foremost. And then we both love to laugh. I'm able to make him laugh all the time and it's great because he gets me. I don't have to explain myself to him, she said.


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She cited their shared faith in and dedication to the Lord as one of the cornerstones of her relationship with Ryan.

Faith was one of the first issues Ryan and I discussed. It's that important. I think it is vital in a healthy relationship to share the same views on faith and other major issues for a lot of reasons. If you don't, and you marry and have a family, real conflict can arise. It makes things difficult on your children, she told blogger Lauren Kurk.


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I think bringing up your relationship with God in the very beginning is important because if the guy isn't on the same page as you, you'll know. You'll have that out of the way and you can decide if it's where you need to be or a waste of time. In my opinion, you date to marry.

She invokes her faith to aid their journey as a couple.

I pray for Ryan constantly. I send him Bible verses before games, encourage him, help him out with all the little things he doesn't have time to take care of. We talk about our goals and dreams a lot and we have developed a plan for reaching them.

Lauren's relationship with the Miami Dolphin's new quarterback is easy and decidedly normal (though greater fame might add some paparazzi into the mix).

I understand guys. I understand football. I love sports and I'm completely comfortable in Ryan's world. I may look like a girly girl but I actually love being outside and being active. Our favorite things to do as a couple are to ride bikes, walk our dogs, play Frisbee golf, play tennis and golf, and go swimming, Lauren said during the September interview.

He supports me and he's also aware that right now, at this stage in our lives, he needs my support and he appreciates me.

This footballer wife is not just a pretty face, either. In September, she already had plans to start giving. Now, with a larger platform and a greater potential to reach more people, she can make a real difference.


Lauren Tannehill Photo Courtesy of Twitter, @laurentannehill

I want people to know that I have a heart for helping others, she told Kurk. That I'm looking into mission opportunities that might include opening a Christian home for battered women and their children. I want people to know that the Lord, Ryan, and my family and friends are the most important things to me. And that Ryan shares the same Christian priorities.

Life in Miami now awaits.

On Thursday and Friday, Lauren Tannehill shared her excitement about Ryan's move to the Sunshine State via her official Twitter account, @LaurenTannehill.

FINS ARE UP!!!!! Miami here we come!!!!!! she tweeted, followed by, Happiest couple ever #MIAMIIII.