On Nov. 15, the newest version of "Charlie's Angels" is set to hit theaters. What do we know about the cast ahead of its premiere date?

Leading the new cast is Kristen Stewart, who will be playing the role of Sabina Wilson in the new movie. Many will recognize Stewart for her role as Bella Swan in the "Twilight" franchise, from 2008 to 2012. Since then, she has also starred in several other movies, including 2014's "Camp X-Ray," 2015's "American Ultra," and 2016's "Personal Shopper." Additionally, she will also star in the upcoming 2020 film "Underwater," where she will play the role of Norah.

Naomi Scott will also appear in the new "Charlie's Angels" as Elena Houghlin. Aside from the role in the new action-comedy, she also appeared in 2017's "Power Rangers" as Kimberly the Pink Ranger and the 2019 live-action version of Disney's "Aladdin" where she played Jasmine.

Ella Balinska also has a role in the new film alongside Stewart and Scott where she will play Jane Kano. Balinkska has also worked on projects in the past such as the 2018 TV series "Midsomer Murders" and the 2018-2019 TV series "The Athena."

Aside from the aforementioned actresses, Elizabeth Banks, who many will recognize from "The Hunger Games" franchise, will star as Bosley and "Star Trek" actor Patrick Stewart as John Bosley. "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" actor Noah Centineo will also make an appearance as Langston. Additionally, Djimon Hounsou, Sam Slaflin, and Jonathan Tucker also have roles in the 2019 film.

"Charlie's Angels" will open in theaters on Nov. 15.

Charlie's Angels 2019
The 2019 update of "Charlie's Angels" hits theaters Friday. Merie Weismiller Wallace/Sony Pictures Entertainment