Script Kiddies, the latest splinter group from Anonymous, made its public debut by hacking a Fox News Twitter account and posting bogus tweets that proclaimed Barack Obama's assassination (which never happened).

The only information about this group comes from the interview one of its members gave to the Stony Brook's Think publication.

On the group itself, the member said:

I would consider us to be close in relation [to Anonymous], 2 of the members of our group were members of Anonymous.  I was a member of Anonymous. We hope to be working with them soon.

On hacking Fox News, the member said:

We are looking to find information about corporations to assist with antisec. Fox News was selected because we figured their security would be just as much of a joke as their reporting.

On their mission, the member said:

It will be a never ending battle. The names change from time to time like LulzSec and Anonymous or Script Kiddies. But their will always be a group of people that need to stand up for everyone else and attempt to keep the government in balance with it's people. Without groups like Anonymous, what is there to prevent corruption?

Judging by this interview, Fox News (more specifically, the @foxnewspolitics Twitter account) was probably hacked by the same loosely bound group of individuals who hacked Sony, PBS, the FBI, and numerous other organizations.

They seem to be flying under the banner of Operation Anti-Security (#AntiSec), although such sentiments existed before LulzSec's formal declaration on June 19.

#AntiSec seeks to defend Internet freedom, deface government websites, and leak classified government information. It also urged others to join its movement.

 Come aboard, we're expecting you..., the manifesto read.

It looks like even though LulzSec has disbanded, others have indeed answered the #AntiSec call and the world hasn't seen the last of an increasingly aggressive vigilante hacking movement.