Blink twice before you go ahead with the slideshow!

Well, if you are assuming it to be a Barbie doll gallery then hold and read on.

She is not that angelic plastic doll that most girls grow up seeing, playing and adoring.

Valeria Lukyanova (the girl in the pictures above) is a Russian model, who looks exactly like a replica of a plastic doll. Apparently, somehow she appears to be the most convincing real-life Barbie in the whole world.

Barbie is considered an epitome of beauty personified in women, with the most angelic facial features, wrist-size tiny waist, matte skin, big bosom, huge derriere and twinkling blue eyes. Startlingly, Lukyanova fits the description from every perspective.

The 21-year-old has become an Internet sensation. Some are bowled over her angelic looks, while others have slammed her “surgical looks” to be fake.

Unwisely, the young lass has vehemently denied going under the knife to attain the Barbie look.

Almost a dozen Facebook accounts show up on searching by her name. All of them are filled with hundreds of images of the plastic looking human doll, Valeria.

Critics say it’s all due to make-up, plastic surgery or Photoshop. Tell us what you think?