Megan Thee Stallion just got cleared by a judge to release her remix of BTS’ “Butter” following a dispute with her label regarding the song’s release.

According to TMZ, a judge ruled in favor of Stallion permitting her to release the “Butter” remix on Friday.

Stallion previously claimed her record label, 1501 Certified Entertainment, and its chief, former MLB star Carl Crawford, were blocking the release of the song which forced her to seek legal action.

In the documents obtained by TMZ, Stallion is the featured artist on a remix of the K-pop superstar’s popular summer hit. The disagreement between Stallion and her record label stemmed from differences in opinion regarding her collaboration with BTS.

The TMZ report said that while Stallion believes “Butter” will expand her international fanbase, her record label believes otherwise. But the “Suga” artist said this is just the label’s excuse as executives are trying to force her to pay them to approve the release of the song.

This led the “Savage” rapper to ask a Texas judge for help and apply a previous ruling allowing her to release new music.

Last year, Stallion or Megan Pete, also claimed her label was preventing her from releasing new music. This came about after she attempted to re-negotiate the terms of her contract.

She filed a lawsuit over unfair contract terms against her label for prohibiting her to release new music. In March 2020, a judge ruled in her favor and ordered 1501 Entertainment “to do nothing to prevent the release, distribution, and sale of Pete's new records," along with forbidding any interference with her or her career over social media or through her collaborators or associates, according to Billboard.

The Billboard article also said Crawford’s attempt to force Stallion’s lawsuit to arbitration was previously rejected. In June, insiders told Billboard that Stallion’s 12-count lawsuit against Crawford and 1501 Entertainment was moving forward. Furthermore, sources said Stallion was no longer trying to leave her record label but a legal dispute “about the fairness of her contract” is still ongoing.

Meanwhile, BTS’ official Twitter account formally announced the collaboration with Stallion with an official release date on Aug. 27.

Megan Thee Stallion, shown here in November 2019, came up on social media but she is every bit a child of old-school hip-hop
Megan Thee Stallion, shown here in November 2019, came up on social media but she is every bit a child of old-school hip-hop GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Rich Fury