• Tom Bower claimed he interviewed around 80 people in his controversial book
  • The book allegedly "unravels" the "Harry and Meghan Show"
  • He said it was difficult finding people who could say something good about Meghan

Meghan Markle has allegedly been advised not to sue Tom Bower, the royal biographer who wrote “Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and the War Between the Windsors.”

Bower’s book includes a plethora of claims about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, which he said “unravels” the “Harry and Meghan show.” It wasn't clear who warned the duchess.

In an interview with Sunrise this week, Bower revealed the unauthorized biography includes interviews with more than 80 sources who had some associations with Meghan, including her “Suits” colleagues and friends back in school. Bower also claimed he had a hard time finding people who would actually say something good about Meghan.

Asked if he could ever describe the Duchess of Sussex in a positive light, Bower said she could be “nice if she wants to be.”

“I think she’s an ambitious, successful woman in her own right, I think that she can be nice if she wants to be. She’s intelligent, she’s sassy, I think she’s one of those people you take with a pinch of salt,” he said.

Bower went on to claim despite her friends’ kind words about her, Meghan’s “victims” had a different story to tell. The author said his sources had noticed how her attitude has changed since marrying into the royal family, saying her ultimate goal was to get the spotlight.

“She voluntarily came to England and married into the royal family and she must have known what that required,” said Bower. “She had to be part of the team and support the Queen and play her part. And all she really did was complain because she wanted the spotlight, she wanted to be number one. She wanted to turn the royal family into a Hollywood celebrity game.”

Bower also said he believes Meghan never really had plans to stay in the U.K. after marrying Prince Harry.

“I think she wanted the title, she wanted the fame, and then go back to California. It was really because of that, and because she allegedly bullied a lot of her staff, she made them very unhappy,” he said.

The author said the point of his book was to unravel the “Harry and Meghan Show,” which was unraveled primarily because of Meghan’s doing. “It didn’t unravel because she wasn’t being helped, it didn’t unravel because of racism, it unraveled because Meghan didn’t get what she wanted, which was the spotlight on her,” he said.

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