Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton were recently likened to Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson, but a body language expert said that the royals couldn’t be compared to each other.

Judi James recently told Express said that if the public starts to pick up some superficial similarities between the relationship of the royals, it would be easy to predict similar outcomes.

Markle and Middleton are rumored to be feuding with each other, but the duchesses were reportedly once close. Princess Diana and Fergie were the best of friends before they had a falling out and ultimately stopped talking to each other.

James said that comparing the royals with each other and assuming that Markle and Middleton’s relationship would be the same with Princess Diana and Fergie could lead to attribution bias. This involves focusing on any small similarities or traits and behaviors and ignoring the massive differences that exist.

The body language expert contends that if comparisons would be made, it should be between Prince William and Prince Harry and Princess Diana and Fergie.

“If anything, I would be tempted to see stronger comparisons between Fergie and Diana and Harry and William’s relationship arcs. Like the brothers, Diana and Fergie had intensely strong, long-term bonds, and this historic sibling-style closeness can easily lead to deeper, less manageable rifts if there is a falling out,” she said.

James also said that Princess Diana and Fergie were much closer to each other at the beginning of their relationship because they lived close to each for years. The two female royals used to lean on each other, which is a trait typically seen among sisters and close friends who trust each other.

Markle and Middleton, on the other hand, have only known each other for a few years. The Duchess of Sussex just wed Prince Harry last year, and Middleton has been part of the royal family since 2011 when she wed Prince William.