Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle may wear the Queen Mother's Strathmore Rose tiara on her wedding day. Pictured: Markle attends an Anzac Day service at Westminster Abbey on April 25, 2018 in London. Getty Images/Eddie Mulholland

Meghan Markle may wear the Queen Mother's tiara on her big day.

The palace has not announced whether or not the "Suits" actress will wear a tiara on her wedding to Prince Harry. However, many believe that she will likely wear one. According to a jewelry expert, Prince Harry's fiancée might choose the Strathmore Rose tiara for the royal wedding.

"There is much speculation about what she will wear on her wedding day and the only thing that is for certain, is that she won't be wearing the Cartier tiara Kate wore to her wedding, as it is currently on display in an exhibition," Rebecca Share, jewellery expert and gemologist, told Express. "Due to their unique styles, it is thought that she may wear the Strathmore Rose tiara or have something totally unique."

The headgear was a present from Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon parents to her when she married the Duke of York in 1923. It was bought from London dealers Catchpole and Williams.

However, Grant Harrold, a former royal butler, has a different opinion when it comes to the tiara that Markle may wear on her special day. Grant is rooting for Princess Diana's Spencer tiara.

"If she does decide to wear a tiara, I believe she may opt for the Spencer tiara which was famously worn by Lady Diana Spencer on her wedding to Prince Charles, and on many more occasions throughout her life," Harrold said.

"This could be a way for Prince Harry to involve his mother in his big day, as Prince William did when he gave his future wife Kate Middleton his mother's engagement ring," he added.

Meanwhile, Grant Mobley, a gemologist and director at Pluczenick, believes that Prince Harry's bride-to-be might opt for a new tiara that was specially made for her just like what Sarah Ferguson had. The tiara might cost over $300,000.

"This picture-perfect classic is made entirely out of diamonds set in platinum with floral scrollwork and a large diamond of around 5 carats sitting on top," said Mobley. "With the value of a top quality 5 carat stone like this tiara topper combined with the platinum and other diamonds, the value of this tiara would easily be more than $300,000 today."