Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle mispronounced the word "scone" during her visit to Edinburgh Castle with Prince Harry. Pictured: Markle and Prince Harry visit Edinburgh Castle on Feb. 13, 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Getty Images/Chris Jackson

Did Meghan Markle mispronounce a simple word during her visit to Scotland with Prince Harry?

On Tuesday, Markle and the Duke visited Edinburgh Castle in Scotland where they were greeted by a crowd. Carolyn Chisholm, 43, joined the people waiting for the arrival of Prince Harry and his fiancée. Chisholm, who runs a bakery with her husband, handed Markle heart-shaped potato scones. "I just thought for Valentine's the scones were a wee gift of Scottishness," she told People.

However, Chisholm's 70-year-old mother, Lynda Clark, had a small complaint about the future royal. "[Meghan] gave them to her aide, saying they were 'scones,'" Clark said, noting how the "Suits" star pronounced the word with a short "o" so it sounded like the word "gone."

"The correct pronunciation is 'scone' — said with a long 'o,' to rhyme with bone," Clark explained.

A 2016 YouGov poll revealed that most Americans typically pronounce the word with the long "o" as Clark suggested. But the majority of British people, about 51 percent, say the word with a short "o." Only 42 percent pronounce "scone" like the word "bone." Three percent of the respondents said they don't know how to pronounce it. Meanwhile, the remaining three percent confessed that they pronounced it in another way entirely.

The survey revealed that people living in northern England and Scotland prefer saying scone like "gone." As such, it seems Markle pronounced it correctly, and Clark appears to be an outlier. But there is a real divide when it comes to the correct pronunciation of the word.

"Those in the C2DE social grade are evenly split, with 45 percent going with the 'bone' pronunciation and 26 percent going with 'gone,'" the organization said. "However, among ABC1s there is a very real split. The middle classes are far more likely to go with the 'gone' option (55 percent) than 'bone' (40 percent)."

In related news, many are happy that Prince Harry and Markle's royal wedding will not clash with the FA Cup Finals. The two events are set over five hours apart.

Initially, royal and FA Cup fans who want to witness both events were torn after realizing that the events were scheduled on the same day. Prince William is expected to attend both engagements as he is the groom's brother and the FA Cup president.

The palace previously announced that they would make sure that there would be no conflict of schedule between the two events. As a result, they set the royal wedding to begin at 12 p.m. U.K. time (7 a.m. EST). Meanwhile, the FA Cup Finals is expected to start at 5:30 p.m U.K. time (12:30 p.m. EST).