Kate Middleton is better than Meghan Markle in fashion.

The Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex keep their styles different during their pregnancies. According to one expert, Markle is more experimental. However, according to another, Middleton is so much better than her sister-in-law.

“It’s very clear that Meghan hasn’t been prepared to sacrifice on fashion when it comes to dressing her bump. I’d go so far as to say I think she has been a bit more experimental and actually a little bit more daring than Kate,” Katie Nicholl said on Quest Red’s “Meghan and Harry: A Royal Baby Story.”

Meanwhile, fashion and lifestyle blogger Juliet Angus still favors Middleton’s fashion. According to her, Prince William’s wife is very good when it comes to mixing her wardrobe.

“Kate 100 percent is so much better at mixing it up,” Angus said before adding that Middleton can “do the balance.”

London-based stylist Lauren Jobling also commented on Middleton and Markle’s pregnancy fashion. She pointed out how the two have different choices when it comes to outfits.

Jobling said that Markle stayed true to her natural taste and still wear the same styles she wore prior to pregnancy but this time the size accommodates her baby bump. Prince Harry’s wife loves bump-hugging dresses.

On the other hand, Middleton wore A-line dresses to skim the bump. The Duchess of Cambridge also opted for subtle tones and styles.

Between the two, Jobling found Middleton as the royal who kept her pregnancy “very classic.” According to her, the royal mom of three “didn’t bring too much attention” to her baby bump.

In related news, Markle incorporated something in her pregnancy that Middleton lacked. The Duchess of Sussex reportedly added a “little Hollywood drama” in her condition.

Compared to Middleton, Markle has been photographed cradling her baby bump in most occasions. It came to a point when the netizens urged her to stop doing it as they already knew that she is pregnant.

In addition, some accused her of being “attention-grabbing.” Another said that she was just acting. A different user also said that Markle is “overdoing” her pregnancy and is making her baby bump a prop.