Meghan Markle and Prince Andrew’s unpopularity race shows the monarchy’s true color.

The Duke of York and Duchess of Sussex are the top members of the royal family involved in various controversies. There seems to be an unpopularity race between the two royals when it comes to how the public perceives them. According to Express, a new poll revealed that Prince Andrew and Markle are the “most unpopular” royals.

Prince Andrew’s connection to Jeffrey Epstein continues to haunt the royal following the latter’s death. There are even rumors that Princess Beatrice banned him from her royal wedding because the bride-to-be doesn’t want any drama on her big day.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry’s wife has been criticized for her excessive spending on her wardrobe, taking four private flights in 11 days while promoting the environment, and keeping Archie from the spotlight. Markle faced another round of backlash when she became emotional in an ITV documentary as she shared her struggles as a royal and a first-time mom.

The netizens who have been following the royals shared their thoughts about the issues involving both Prince Andrew and Markle. Many felt that Prince Andrew’s mistakes were worse than Markle’s, but he was treated better.

“I admired the Monarchy for years —because I didn’t know what they are really like. Their treatment of Meghan as opposed to their treatment of Andrew showed me their true colors. And I despise what I see,” Bon Latino, an award-winning novelist and former freelance columnist for Stars & Stripes, wrote on Twitter.

Another user said that she doesn’t support the monarchy because it represents everything she fights against but never really paid attention to them. However, after seeing how they treated Markle, she now “actively dislikes” them “intensely.”

“People will be like ‘meghan and harry tarnished royal family’ meanwhile Andrew is an actual RAPIST. I ask you guys whats action more tarnish your family ? Your grandson fighting racism and lies or your son rape underage girls. ofcourse the regal queen will choose the rapist,” a different netizen opined.

Another online user reacted to the poll, suggesting that Prince Andrew and Markle are both unpopular. According to Mais Enfin, it was “infuriating” to compare the Duchess of Sussex to the Duke of York and Duchess of Cornwall’s situation because the two made mistakes unlike Markle. She called Prince Andrew a pedophile and Camilla a cheater.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle and Prince Andrew
Experts speak about Meghan Markle’s safety concerning the duchess’ frequent use of high heels. Pictured: Prince Harry, Markle and Prince Andrew during the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey in London. Getty Images/Kirsty Wigglesworth