• Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reached out to a royal fan who raised $60,000 in a fundraising event in honor of their son, Archie
  • Dani Trin said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex contacted her via Zoom and they sounded so happy
  • A royal expert claims the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are the "big losers" in the royal family amid the lockdown

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry reportedly "sounded happy" and thankful during a Zoom call with a royal fan named Dani Trin.

Trin took to Twitter to share how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex reached out to her and thanked her for raising $60,000 for a charity ahead of their son Archie’s first birthday. According to Trin, the royal couple, who are now living in the U.S., seemed genuinely cheery during their virtual meeting.

“During my Zoom meeting with the Sussexes' team, I was asked for my phone number and days later, I got a call from Meghan and Harry themselves,” Trin shared, Express reported.

“This was a short call with the sole purpose to thank us all for our efforts in putting such an amazing charitable fundraising campaign for Archie’s birthday and also for our enthusiastic support in the past two years. They both sounded to thankful, so moved and so happy for having our support,” she continued.

Trin is a university student who created the #ArchiesDay, according to Harper’s Bazaar. She drew attention after organizing a fundraising event for Archie’s first birthday. Trin made it happen by coordinating with a group of people on Twitter.

“We never had a specific amount we hoped to hit. Ultimately, we hoped to simply help the charities and raise awareness for the projects people are conducting to help children through this pandemic,” Trin told Harper's Bazaar of the fundraiser in honor of Prince Harry ans Markle's bundle of joy.

When Prince Harry and Markle learned about her and her endeavor through her interview with, the royal couple contacted her.

“As you all know, we raised over $60k USD for charity in honor of Archie’s bday last months and through the interview I gave to [] Meghan and Harry were able to track me,” she added.

In related news, royal expert Phil Dampier recently claimed that Prince Harry and Markle may be the “big losers” in the royal family during the coronavirus pandemic. The lockdown has apparently boosted the public image of the members of the British royal family except for the Sussexes.

For Dampier, Prince Harry and Markle somehow appeared “isolated” and “irrelevant in this country” after their move to Los Angeles. He added that people in the U.K. just shrug their shoulders when it comes to the Sussexes.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have repeatedly complained about intrusive media
Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have repeatedly complained about intrusive media POOL / Jeremy Selwyn