Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry care for the beggars and homeless and might not allow to send them away on their royal wedding. Pictured: Prince Harry and Markle visit Nottingham Academy on Dec. 1, 2017 in Nottingham, England. Getty Images/Andy Stenning

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding may or may not affect beggars and homeless.

Last week, Simon Dudley, leader of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, called for the removal of beggars on the streets for Prince Harry and Markle's royal wedding. However, one homeless person claimed that the prince and the "Suits" actress may not agree to it.

"I can't believe for a minute that Prince Harry and Meghan would agree with us being driven away. They seem as if they care about people," Tracey, 49, told Express. "Some people are horrible. I've been attacked, sexually assaulted, spat on, had my sleeping bag pulled away, you name it. But others are really nice and will leave us food, or a bit of money."

According to Dudley's letter to the local Police and Crime Commissioner Anthony Stansfield, the beggars and homeless cause security concerns because of their "anti-social behaviour, including aggressive begging and intimidation in Windsor." In addition, they gave the city an "unfavourable light."

In response to this, Tracey denied that they are aggressive. "Neither of us beg. We don't approach people for money and we're definitely not aggressive," she said.

Dudley's statement received mixed reactions from the people of Windsor. Others support it because they want to get rid of the homeless in the streets. Meanwhile, others disagree.

"Residents of Windsor disagree with @MrSimonDudley. Proud of Sam White for speaking out and helping rough sleepers. Windsor council leader calls for removal of homeless before royal wedding," Carol White wrote on Twitter.

"No they don't Carol! Most of us are fed up with it now. We want our town back!" Matt Gooderick replied.

"I'm a Windsor resident and firmly with Simon Dudley. Though the Wedding is irrelevant. Help them them where possible, but I fear for many Substance abuse will keep them where they are. I see it from my office Window frequently in Reading," another user said, showing support for Dudley.

"Carol - please don't be the 'mouthpiece' for Residents of Windsor - This resident doesn't disagree," Karl Trowbridge added.

Meanwhile, councilor Jesse Grey of RBW&M agreed that none should be homeless in Windsor. "We have found suitable and adequate accommodation for any individual to take up and its better than being on the streets," he said (via Express).