• Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will just leave the Sussex Royal Instagram account inactive
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might post something about their son on Instagram because he will soon be celebrating his first birthday
  • Prince Harry already misses his family

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will not deactivate the Sussex Royal Instagram account.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex broke records when they created their official Instagram account after they separated themselves from Prince William and Kate Middleton. Sussex Royal earned millions of followers in just a few hours. Their record was later broken by “Friends” alum star Jennifer Aniston.

On April 1, Prince Harry and Markle officially became non-working royasl. Queen Elizabeth II forbade them from using the royal brand, so they were forced to abandon their Instagram account with a massive following of 11.3 million. Royal expert Laney Lui shared her thoughts on what will happen to the popular page. She believes that the Sussexes won’t shut it down or deactivate it. Instead, they will just leave it as is and might post some updates about their son, Archie, on it.

“We now know the Sussexroyal, the Instagram account, will be inactive meaning there will be no further updates from Harry and Meghan on that account,” Lui said in ABC’s “Heirpod.”

“But in a month's time, it will baby Archie's first birthday. I think a lot of us were expecting that since they've given us Archie gifts and little Archie drops in the past that that would be the account we would see some sort of Archie birthday wish for his big milestone. So now, is Archie's birthday just going to pass quietly and no one is going to see a new photo of him? Or will some kind of new Sussex social media account be set up by then so that we can see Archie. I'm really, really curious about what is going to happen by that date and what may or may not be in place.”

Meanwhile, Dan Wootton said on talkRADIO that Buckingham Palace and other royal communications representatives won’t be speaking on behalf of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex anymore. The royal couple is now being managed by a PR company in the U.S. that previously represented big celebrities like Michael Jackson and Harvey Weinstein.

Prince Harry is still in contact with his family and he misses them already. However, his relationship with his brother Prince William remains awkward.