• Kate Middleton allegedly dressed simpler after sister-in-law Meghan Markle left the royal family
  • Twitter users said Kate Middleton doesn't need to compete with Meghan Markle
  • Kate Middleton's fashion has evolved and her style reflects her future role as queen

Kate Middleton allegedly dressed simpler after Meghan Markle left, but Twitter users do not agree.

In the past months, many noticed that the Duchess of Cambridge’s fashion has evolved especially after Markle joined the royal family. However, some claimed that Prince William’s wife has returned to wearing simpler outfits after the Duchess of Sussex left the Firm. However, the netizens were not convinced that Middleton’s outfits depended on her sister-in-law’s presence because for them, the future queen doesn’t need to compete with anyone.

“The sugars are saying Kate had to compete with [Meghan]. Please she showed up in the green flying lizard outfit looking boughetto. Never tailored and ill fitting.Kate looks great in anything,” one commented while sharing a report from Daily Mail.

“Kate is confident in her own skin. [Meghan’s] name should never be attached to every article of Kate out there ... ,” @jandrebarberxxx added.

“Catherine could wear an old curtain as a dress and look [better] than mm ever did when at her best,” @LisamomofK wrote.

The comparison also triggered some netizens to mock Markle, with one saying that Middleton has an “amazing figure” while the Duchess of Sussex has a “square box” figure and “weird” legs. Another agreed and pointed out that Middleton has a smaller frame than Markle which is an asset to the future queen.

Many also believed that there is no competition between the two duchesses because Middleton is the future queen and has been with the royal family longer than Markle.

Meanwhile, Kate Stacey, Head of Buying at Pure Collection, said that Middleton’s fashion has evolved. She has been dressing appropriately as the future queen. The royal mom of three has embraced an “impeccably elegant way of dressing.”