Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have yet to officially announce their engagement, but there have been rumors that he already asked for her hand in marriage months ago.

Markle and Prince Harry’s supporters have various ways of knowing if and when the two are already engaged. According to People, the palace will be the first one to announce the couple’s engagement. Markle and Prince Harry won’t even have to do the confirmation themselves until after the palace releases a statement.

But there’s a more subtle way of knowing when Markle and Prince Harry are already engaged and that’s through Princess Diana’s watch. There has been a royal tradition wherein items owned by some members of the royal family are handed over to those that will be welcomed into the clan.

More specifically, royal men give their fiancées a piece of jewelry that previously belonged to their loved ones. Prince Philip gave Queen Elizabeth II a ring from diamonds that originally came from his mom Princess Alice of Battenberg’s crown. Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with the same ring that his dad, Prince Charles, gave to Princess Diana.

According to the Daily Express, Prince Harry will be giving Markle a Cartier watch that belonged to his late mother. Princess Diana’s dad, Edward Spencer, was the one who gave the 18-carat yellow gold watch to her.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II is rumored to give Markle an engagement present to welcome the “Suits” actress into their royal family. There are speculations that Queen Elizabeth II opened her royal vault and gave Markle the opportunity to choose a tiara that she would like to wear on her wedding day.

Queen Elizabeth II and Markle had the chance to meet each other a few weeks ago. It seems that their first meeting turned out well because the queen reportedly gave Markle an invitation to spend Christmas at the palace.

A close friend of Markle confirmed that the actress accepted the invitation. “Of course she said yes – she’s thrilled to be included,” the source said.