Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle has given the royal family at least 100 more years to stay relevant. Pictured: Markle meets children during a visit to Marenui Cafe on October 29, 2018 in Wellington, New Zealand. Getty Images/Ian Vogler - Pool

Meghan Markle has reportedly saved the royal family and has given them at least 100 more years to stay relevant, says a royal expert.

Nick Bullen, a film producer, praised Markle for her contributions to the British clan since she got engaged to Prince Harry last year.

“Meghan’s arrival has given the family another 100 years. She has made them so relevant and so exciting,” he told Daily Star.

Earlier this year, Ellen Barry, a journalist for the New York Times, discussed Markle’s looming impact on the monarchy. After marrying Prince Harry in May, Markle was oftentimes seen hugging royal fans that waited for her arrival during public engagements.

Someone told Markle that time that she wasn’t supposed to hug fans because doing so would mean breaking royal protocol, and the “Suits” alum had the smartest response.

“I’m American. I hug,” she told her friend Bonnie Hammer.

The journalist also drew comparisons between Markle and Princess Diana and described the two royals as informal and open.

“She is at ease in the glare of celebrity and adept at using it for her purposes. Raised as a political activist, she likes to recall the letter-writing campaign she undertook as an 11-year-old, in which she persuaded Procter & Gamble to withdraw an advertisement for dishwashing liquid that she thought was sexist,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Bullen also talked about directing Prince Charles’ 70th birthday documentary for BBC. He said that the royal family didn’t interfere with his filmmaking. Even though he followed the royals for months to get enough footage for the special, he was given creative liberty by everyone.

“The royal family don’t have any editorial control on any of the documentaries we make. We allow them to see the film and check it for factual inaccuracies. But also, if there’s anything that is a security worry, then obviously we take it out. I think all of the royals understand the power of the press, and the power of a good documentary,” he said.