Meghan Markle reportedly shares several traits with one controversial member of the royal family.

Journalists Rebecca Hyde and Angela Mollard talked about Markle and Princess Margaret in the Australian podcast “New Idea: Royals” this week and said that in some ways, the two women were alike.

“They both straddle the celebrity and monarchy worlds. We know that Margaret had great friendships with people like Dusty Springfield and Peter Sellers, and through her husband, she was very enmeshed in the celebrity world and the great and the good,” they said.

Princess Margaret was previously married to photographer and film-maker Lord Snowdon. The hosts said that Prince Harry has also been brought into the same world by his wife. Markle was an American actress who landed her biggest break after she was cast in the lead role of Rachel Zane in “Suits.”

But following her engagement to Prince Harry in November 2017, Markle announced that she will be leaving the series after six seasons. The Duchess of Sussex clarified that her departure from “Suits” doesn’t mean she has given up on acting for good. Rather, she will simply focus on her new life as a royal.

Meanwhile, Hyde and Mollard also said that Markle and Princess Margaret are quite similar because the Duchess of Sussex is a divorcee. Princess Margaret, on the other hand, fell in love with the divorced man Peter Townsend. Princess Margaret and Townsend’s relationship caused a crisis in 1953 when she was left with the grueling decision to choose between her relationship or her royal title.

“The only I’d say is that it didn’t end well for Margaret, and I hope it does end well for Meghan,” Mollard said.

But Markle and Princess Margaret are quite the opposite in terms of their lifestyle. Markle is known for her clean-living lifestyle, and she gets up early to start her royal schedule. Princess Margaret, on the other hand, reportedly woke up at 11 a.m. before emerging for lunch after a long shower.

Queen Elizabeth II’s younger sister also enjoyed smoking and drinking. Markle may have been a party girl before, but she also had other talents.