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Princess Margaret's ex-fling was linked to a bank robbery from years ago. Pictured: Royal family watch an honour guard 04 August at her London home at Clarence House, were she received flowers to mark her 97th birthday. Getty Images/Adrian Dennis/AFP

Princess Margaret’s whirlwind romance with a London gangster was previously linked to a bank robbery in Baker Street.

Carly Read, a journalist for Express, detailed the story that began in the island of Mustique in St. Vincent. While there, Princess Margaret was photographed with her unlikely lover, London gangster John Bindon.

The couple was reportedly snapped in the most compromising of ways, and images of the two were rumored to have been kept inside Lloyd’s bank in Central London. The same bank was, later on, raided.

Compromising photos of Princess Margaret and Bindon would’ve raked in a huge sum of money for anyone that could have them published in the newspapers. However, no one was successful.

The raid made headlines in September 1971 and was dubbed as the “Walkie-Talkie Bank Job” following a tip-off from a member of the public that heard robbers communicating with one another using their walkie-talkie.

Meanwhile, the photos of Princess Margaret and Bindon were reportedly locked in the vault by a criminal known only as Michael X. He was the one that spotted the couple during their tropical island getaway. After Princess Margaret learned that someone had photos of her and Bindon, she released a gag order to stop the photos from being printed out.

Anthony Gavin, Thomas Stephens, and Reginald Tucker were jailed for their part in the robbery. Michael X fled to Trinidad and was hanged for four years after the raid for murder. Bindon passed away in 1993 due to an Aids-related illness. Princess Margaret died from a stroke in 2002. Her funeral was held at West Minster Abbey.

Princess Margaret is the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II. Last month, the late princess also made headlines after it was revealed that her birth predicted King Edward VIII’s abdication. When she turned 7, astrologer R.H. Naylor said that an event of tremendous importance will also take place in the royal family.

King Edward VIII abdicated from the throne just before Princess Margaret celebrated her 7th birthday. King George VI, Princess Margaret’s dad, took over his brother’s reign.