• Meghan Markle is too good for the monarchy, according to a novelist
  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will join the royal family for the Commonwealth Day service
  • Meghan Markle's return to the U.K. will be bittersweet

Meghan Markle is reportedly “too good” for the royals’ “dull institution.”

In January, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex dropped a bombshell announcement after returning from their Christmas vacation in Canada. Prince Harry and Markle announced that they were stepping back as senior members of the royal family.

Novelist Dame Hilary Mantel shared her thoughts about the controversial royal couple. According to her, she was pleased that their marriage survived because many thought that if Markle would leave the royal family she would walk away alone. Also, she felt that the former “Suits” star was too good for the monarchy.

“I’m pleased that it’s the marriage that’s surviving and the connection with the monarchy that has to go, because I think almost all of us would have bet that if she left, she’d have to leave alone,” Mantel told Harper’s Bazaar.

“I think that Meghan was too good to be true. She was a smiling face in a dull institution, she cheered the nation up no end, or at least men and women of good will. I do think abominable racism has been involved. People who say that’s got nothing to do with it – well, they need to check their privilege!”

Following their exit, Prince Harry and Markle will be returning to the U.K. to join the royal family for the Commonwealth Day service. Last week, Prince Harry was spotted not looking so well at the Edinburgh station. Many blamed Markle for Prince Harry’s disposition. Some said that it was the result of the duke’s decision to marry a toxic narcissist.

According to royal biographer Katie Nicholl, Markle’s return to the U.K. will be bittersweet for the duchess. However, she would not show her trepidation.

“It's bittersweet for her because she sacrificed a lot to move to the U.K. She gave up her home, her nationality and her career and fully threw herself into royal life, so there will be a sadness about the way it all panned out. Even if she's feeling uneasy, she won't let it show. She can put on a good front, so we will see plenty of that megawatt Meghan smile over the coming days,” Nicholl said.

Queen Elizabeth II, Meghan Markle
Pictured: Queen Elizabeth II and Meghan Markle watch the RAF flypast on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, as members of the Royal Family attend events to mark the centenary of the RAF on July 10, 2018 in London, England. Getty Images/Chris Jackson