She’s currently on maternity leave as she awaits the birth of her first child with Prince Harry, but amid endless reports of her allegedly being involved in feuds with various members of the royal family and even getting unflattering nicknames, Meghan Markle is also getting a warning about how to compose herself when she jumps back into her royal duties following her baby’s birth.

During an appearance on Nine News Australia, royal expert Dickie Arbiter had stern words for the Duchess of Sussex to remember her place in the monarchy.

“What Meghan has got to do if forget she is on the red carpet of show business—she is now on the crimson carpet of monarchy,” he said. “She plays a supporting role, not just to Harry but to the Queen as well.”

However, he also revealed that despite reports that she has been allegedly given nicknames from staffers including “Me-Gain,” he doesn’t think that’s necessarily the case—though he still warns she needs to learn to properly operate within some of the restrictions that come with being in the royal family.

“The officials there, yes, there are probably one or two or maybe three or four who might not like the way Meghan operates. But Meghan is Meghan. Harry is besotted, as we have seen, and that is the one truth that comes out of this particular article,” he said. “But Meghan has got to settle down. She has done incredibly well. She did incredibly well with Harry when they were touring the United Kingdon before the wedding.”

“...But she has got to think about how she is going to operate,” he added. “And the way she is going to operate is to listen to the officials. Listen to the communication secretary and operate under their advice. Don’t try and be clever. Don’t try and do things yourself.”

The warning comes after what has been a tumultuous few months for Markle. Not only has she been the subject of rumors that she was feuding with Kate Middleton, but also the reason for an alleged feud between Prince William and Prince Harry as well.

In addition, she’s also seen several members of her staff leave their jobs in recent months, including personal assistant Melissa Toubati, interim private secretary Samantha Cohen, a bodyguard, and most recently, assistant private secretary Amy Pickerill. The departures have led to more reports that the Duchess of Sussex has earned the nickname of “Duchess Difficult.”