NBC’s “I Feel Bad” and CBS’ “The Neighborhood” referenced Meghan Markle last year, and on the first day of 2019, Fox’s “Lethal Weapon” did the same. The action series mentioned the royal in Tuesday’s episode, which was the Season 3 midseason premiere

While watching Roger (Damon Wayans) and Trish’s (Keesha Sharp) daughter, Harper (Mikayla B. Head), Avery (Kevin Rahm) uses his story-telling voice to explain Markle’s epic love story to the toddler.

“And then, she left her show on USA, married a prince and lived happily ever after,” he says. Of course, he’s referring to the Duchess of Sussex leaving her USA series “Suits” and marrying Prince Harry in May.

“There she is,” Roger says when he returns at the end of Avery’s story. “Learning all about celebrity culture?”

“Just so you know, we were reading Dickens earlier, so,” Avery explains.

As if one reference to the pregnant royal wasn’t enough, “Lethal Weapon” mentions her again later on in the episode.

A very drunk Cole (Seann William Scott) walks into Erica’s (Nishi Mjunshi) home and begins to rattle on about his day, which included seeing his ex, Natalie (Maggie Lawson), getting the dress she’s going to wear to marry someone else.

“I didn’t get Julie’s [Haley Strode] dress, but I did see what Natalie’s wearing for her wedding day,” he said. “And she looked a lot like Meghan Merkle. Markle. Mackrel. Something with an E - L. I don’t know.”

So, we’ve got one character who knows everything about the former actress and another that’s trying to drunkenly remember how her name is spelled. Watch the show on Tuesdays on Fox at 8 p.m. EST to find out if they make any other Duchess references.