Meghan Markle’s leather skirt and v-neck sweater didn’t get a thumbs up from some netizens.

Last Friday, the Duchess of Sussex stepped out wearing a red leather skirt and burgundy v-neck sweater when she attended an event about gender equality in Windsor Castle. One online user asked the other royal fans on Quora about their opinion on Markle’s outfit. Many were not impressed with Markle’s choice of wardrobe.

“I thought it was unbecoming and in poor taste. Both the sweater and skirt were way too tight. The outfit looked more appropriate for a hooker than a royal Duchess,” Anne E. Delvin commented.

“Whatever the Duchess of Sussex wears, she looks like an unmade bed 90% of the time at whatever the price point of her outfits. The poor grooming,ill-fitting shoes, see-through clothing, gaping, unbuttoned blouses,price tags showing,overly tight clothing that looks as if the seams will burst momentarily are most unbecoming. She has no chic or sense of style and apparently no one competent to advise her.”

On the other hand, Delvin praised Kate Middleton because for her, the Duchess of Cambridge has metamorphosized into an elegant and beautiful woman. She added that Prince William’s wife was “exquisitely dressed and appropriate to the occasion.”

Susan C. Webser agreed and said that Markle’s taste in clothing is not one of her strong points. She added that the skirt and sweater were attractive on their own, but not when worn together because the colors clash. Mary Gordon, former director of Environment at Hydro One shared the same opinion with Weber.

“I like both the sweater and the skirt as separate pieces. The sweater is very flattering, and the skirt is cute and stylish. I’m just not crazy about them together. I don’t think the colours go well,” she wrote.

Another online user suggested that Markle should have followed the lead of Queen Letizia of Spain. The Spanish royal paired her red leather skirt with a white top.

On the other hand, some fans criticized Prince Harry’s wife for the material of her skirt. One sarcastically wrote on Twitter, “Meghan Markle the vegan wearing a lambskin skirt.”

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle is pictured at the launch of the Smart Set clothing collection on Sept. 12, 2019 in London. Philip Panting