Meghan Markle’s pregnancy has reportedly inspired her to take a risky fashion statement similar to Kate Middleton.

Karen Beaumont, a personal stylist for Yahoo Style UK, claimed that Markle has been employing a cunning trick for maternity dressing that was also used by Middleton.

“When a woman becomes pregnant and sees her body shape evolving, this can often call for a change in her usual formula for dressing. In addition to a shape change, many pregnant women experience physical discomfort when wearing tight-fitting garments around their middle area. A naturally slim woman like Meghan or Kate who would normally wear form-fitting silhouettes suddenly finds herself in a situation where she needs to wear slightly roomier shapes around her middle,” she told Express.

In related news, Beaumont said that it is also possible for Markle to be wearing shorter skirts to draw the attention away from her growing baby bump and on to her skinny legs.

“Being in the public eye, those women will be very conscious of wanting to look great, so they will offset these larger silhouettes by making the most of the assets that don’t change as much in pregnancy, especially their legs in the case of the two ladies in question. Both of them are blessed with long slim legs which are showcased beautifully in higher hemlines,” she said.

And as Markle’s pregnancy nears her due date, Beaumont thinks that the Duchess of Sussex will opt to wear brighter hues and more daring prints.

However, Christine Ross, a fashion blogger, told Express last week that Markle’s pregnancy fashion style couldn’t be more different from Middleton.

“Meghan and Kate have very different tastes in fashion. Meghan’s maternity style will really stay true to the elegant, clean lines, and simple cuts that she has always preferred, but allowing extra room through tailoring as her body changes. By contrast, Kate seemed to quickly embrace the empire and maternity waistlines, which are very flattering and accentuate a growing bump,” she said.