Meghan Markle was slammed for her speech because she was too focused on herself.

The Duchess of Sussex has officially returned to her royal duties by launching her capsule collection for women’s charity Smart Works on Thursday. On the said outing, Markle impressed the people when she delivered a six-minute speech without any notes. However, not everyone was touched.

According to Express, Prince Harry’s wife was attacked for name-checking herself 43 times. She used the word “I” directly or non-directly 43 times. This prompted Markle’s critics to react.

“Meghan gave £100 gift bags to guests at her charity clothes launch. Makes me sick thinking how desperate the jobless women are for that kind of money but instead all they got from Meghan was her blathering speech on how wonderful she is,” one wrote on Twitter.

A different user agreed and commented how Markle’s speech reminded her of Obama and pointed out that it was all about the speaker.

“Her ‘speeches’ remind me of Obama. Slick-talking, fake empathy, charming patter, which if you look barely beneath it is all Me Me ME!!!” the user wrote.

Meanwhile, a different opined that it was so “tacky.” Another online user said that Markle is “as false as £9 note.” Another questioned if Markle’s charity would survive when the “novelty wears off and no one’s buying anymore.”

Aside from this, some accused Markle of using Archie for PR stunt. Some netizens were irked after hearing the Duchess of Sussex say that she had to rush back home to feed her son, Archie.

Her critics pointed out who fed her baby last weekend when she decided to fly to New York to watch her pal Serena Williams’ game at the US Open finals. During her visit to the Big Apple, Markle stayed for two days and bonded with her celebrity friends while leaving Archie and Prince Harry home.

“People! It was a PR stunt to send #MeghanMarkle to Serenas Tennis finale, as it was a PR stunt to say at the #SmartWork lunch that she needed to get home quick to feed her child,” one netizen wrote.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle is pictured at the launch of the Smart Set clothing collection on Sept. 12, 2019 in London. Philip Panting