• Melania Trump calls Barron Trump "Little Donald" 
  • The FLOTUS says Barron Trump is smart and opinionated 
  • Melania Trump protects Barron Trump from the constant bullying that he receives

Melania Trump has a very close relationship with her only son, Barron Trump.

During a previous interview with, the FLOTUS revealed that she has a special nickname for the 13-year-old. Since Barron shares some similarities with his dad, President Donald Trump, the first lady calls him Little Donald.

“Sometimes I call him little Donald. He is a mixture of us in looks, but his personality is why I call him ‘Little Donald,’” she gushed.

Melania also described Barron as a very strong-minded, special, and smart young boy. The teenager is also reportedly very independent and opinionated. Even at a young age, Barron knows exactly what he wants.

Around the same time that the first lady gave an interview to the website, Barron made headlines after he was bullied on social media. “Saturday Night Live” writer Katie Rich claimed that Barron will be the country’s first homeschooled shooter after seeing him on Inauguration Day.

Journalist and author Caitlin Moran also liked the FLOTUS’s son to Joffrey Baratheon, a sadistic character from “Game of Thrones.” Fox Sports writer Pete Blackburn also threw shade at the young boy.

“Barron Trump has killed no less than 100 small animals,” he wrote.

The posts have since been deleted, but after they were posted, Chelsea Clinton came to Barron’s defense. She said that the young boy deserves the chance to be a kid.

After seeing Clinton’s post, the FLOTUS thanked her on Twitter. President Trump’s wife also said that it’s important to support all children in being themselves.

In 2016, the first lady also threatened to sue a YouTuber after he speculated on Barron having autism. Melania’s attorney, Charles Harder, told The Hollywood Reporter at that time that Barron doesn’t fall on the autism spectrum.

“The online bullying of children, including Barron Trump, should end now,” Harder said.

Melania also fired back at Rosie O’Donnell for retweeting that YouTuber’s video alongside a question regarding Barron’s alleged autism.

And just this month, the FLOTUS also criticized Democrat Pamela Karlan for mentioning Barron’s name during the POTUS’s impeachment hearing.

She said that underage children should be kept out of politics and given the privacy that they deserve.

First Lady of the United States Melania Trump speaking at a campaign event for her husband in 2015. Photo by The White House: [CC BY 3.0 (] Photo by The White House: [CC BY 3.0 (]