• Melania Trump toured some students in the White House
  • Critics made fun of the FLOTUS anew after she met with the children
  • Melania Trump said the kids' growth inspired her during their reunion

Melania Trump, who is one of the most visible workers under the current administration, has been the receiving end of several criticisms since Donald Trump’s presidency started in 2017. Though she has been working very hard in the promotion of her “Be Best” campaign and supporting other charities, detractors continue to make fun of the First Lady of the United States.

Recently, Melania spent time with some students from a local school in Virginia. The FLOTUS even shared about it on her official Twitter page on Sunday. Melania posted a short clip that featured the highlights of activity, which include giving of bags with “Be Best” printed on it.

“It was a joy to greet Safety Patrol students from West Gate Elementary school as they toured the @WhiteHouse yesterday! #BeBest,” Melania Trump wrote in a tweet. Avid followers took to social media to give praise and words of appreciation to the FLOTUS.

“Those children will always remember this honor and the pretty First Lady who made it possible. #BeBest,” Gina Stevens responded to Melania’s tweet. “Melania, You are a credit to womenkind. I’m appreciative of your work, applaud your tenacity in a storm of undue criticism, and honor your benevolent spirit. Our patriotic citizens are proud that you are our most extraordinary First Lady!” Charles Hallbert said. “THANK YOU MRS. TRUMP: Great to see you on Twitter more often. All Republicans love you, respect you and enjoy reading about anything you are involved in b/c it must be good for all of us. I’m sure that the first picture of you on a magazine cover would sell out immediately!” Margaret Chavez-Harter penned in the comment section.

“Beautifully done! You are such an amazing women, wife, mother & First Lady! Never apologize for letting your beautiful shine! @realDonaldTrump,” a third Twitter user stated. “@FLOTUS is the most eloquent & classy first Lady that this country has had in my Lifetime! #MAGA2020,” another user added. “@FLOTUS Good Morning! Hope you, @realDonaldTrump and your family had a nice week. Keep up the good work as #FirstLady and with #BeBest Your doing an "Amazing" job! The #American people really appreciate you and your service at the @WhiteHouse,” Jon Kinsley said.

Critics of Melania Trump, as per usual, took the opportunity to mock the FLOTUS. “#bebest would be more effective if your husband set an example. But he won’t, so it’s a sham,” one netizen stated. “To all of you who keep saying that she’s the best FLOTUS ever, care to explain?” Mindy Platzer sounded off in the comment section. “Still savoring illegitimacy I see. The hypocrisy is real though!” another criticizer wrote.

There were also some who pushed Melania to do something with the detained immigrants kids. “Did you feel inclined to cage them tho? #bebest” a netizen said. “Children in cages don't matter to #3. Useless,” another Twitter user added. “What about kids in cages?? Phony!” another knocker stated. Melania Trump has yet to comment on these harsh remarks.

Meanwhile, Melania, previously, divulged, via her Instagram page, that she was inspired by how the Safety Patrol students from West Gate Elementary School have grown and worked hard to become the best version of themselves. “A great afternoon at the @WhiteHouse, reconnecting with the wonderful students from West Gate Elementary school,” the FLOTUS wrote. “Inspired by how these children are growing into the best versions of themselves. #BeBest,” Melania Trump continued.

Melania Trump during the 2017 Invictus Games First Lady Melania Trump holds a T-shirt in support of the Team U.S. competitors surrounding her before the opening ceremony for the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto, Sept. 23, 2017. Photo by EJ Hersom/U.S. Department of Defense Photo: Photo by EJ Hersom/U.S. Department of Defense