• CNN reporter Kate Bennett revealed that Melania Trump is exerting efforts to make detained immigrant kids happy
  • The FLOTUS is pushing Congress to do something and make significant reforms to the policy
  • Melania Trump is blaming 'adult actions' behind the current sufferings of the incarcerated children

Melania Trump is, undeniably, one of the most popular first ladies in history. However, along with fame, the current FLOTUS has been hounded with various issues and controversies, too. Despite all the hate and criticisms that she has been receiving since the start of Donald Trump’s presidency, Melania continues to focus on her work and advocacies.

The mother of Barron Trump has been lambasted over and over again for, allegedly, refusing to talk or even find solutions to free the detained migrant kids. However, not everyone knows that Melania, actually, spends time with the imprisoned children and even plays with them.

CNN reporter Kate Bennett revealed, per Washingtonian, that Melania Trump really thinks that she is the most bullied person in the world. However, she never let these reproaches and condemnations to stop her from doing what she thinks is right.

“Well, you have to also remember she’s a Trump. She lives in that bubble—like, ‘We’re constantly under attack,’” the journalist said. “Sometimes she remarkably does the wrong thing. But I’ve gone with her to see detained [migrant] kids, and she really does get down on her hands and knees and gets dirty and holds kids and plays with them,” she went on.

Kate, also, revealed that Melania is never okay seeing kids behind bars and being separated from their loved ones. Though she aligns with the POTUS politically, there are times when Melania does not agree with her husband’s decisions.

On June 21, 2018, Melania visited immigrant kids in the Upbring New Hope Children Center in McAllen, Texas. Photos showed the FLOTUS in action with Human Services Secretary Alex Azar by her side. Just days after her visit, the wife of President Donald released a statement on how she viewed the trip.

“Today’s visit impacted me greatly,” Melania Trump said in the statement, per Time. "Spending time with (the detained children) reinforces the fact that these kids are in this situation as a direct result of adult actions,” she went on. The FLOTUS, also, pushed Congress to do something about “common-sense immigration reform” that will protect the American borders and prevent families from being separated.

Melania Trump has yet to comment on Kate Bennett’s statements.

Melania Trump Donald Trump's wife Melania Trump raised eyebrows with her style choice at the second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Photo: RICK WILKING/AFP/Getty Images